3 May 2013

My Life in 250 Words

I was browsing through my Feedly feeds this morning and found a little inspiration thanks to AcuteDesigns.com {a lovely lifestyle blog written by Gina}.  Jenni over at Story of my Life has started a Blog Everyday in May Challenge.

I'm a couple of days late so I need to do a bit of catching up. So here we go...

My baby brother and I in 1987
My name is Claire Glasgow and that’s where I was born - In Glasgow on what was mostly likely a rain day in March 1985. I am 2 years older than my musical genius of a brother who is in fact the funniest person alive.

My "baby" brother and I in 2008
My childhood was spent doodling, sellotaping things together and generally making a mess. Needless to say I did well in art at school, but drove my Mum nuts with the mess that was left in my creative wake!
We spent most weekends at our Grandparents house with our cousins playing Power Rangers, screaming at each other and inventing classic games such as Carry Warry Duck It (email for instructions).

My Grandma with all her Grandkids!
When I was 10, we moved north to Inverness where I got fresh air, fell in love with my beautiful country, met  lifelong friends and lived in a castle for a while.

I left for Uni in 2004 to study Computer animation & digital art and in my 3rd year, met Peter. Although not technically my lecturer, he did work in class so we felt a little scandalous when we got together. Flash forward 6 years  - we’re still together, just bought our first home {where I can now mess up my own living room} and couldn’t be happier.

I spend my days working part time for a design company, in 2 theatres in Glasgow selling ice creams and designing tattoos, tees, logos and anything else I can dream up for lovely folk all over the world! - Life is pretty good

6 words over!!

I might not fit in all the challenges but I'm going to try. You can join in by clicking the button below. Have fun :)


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