23 February 2014

Creative Collective #2 - The Epic Playist

The Epic List

This Creative Collective challenge wasn't exactly created by me. In fact in no way whatsoever did I create the list, but I had to share it as it has inspired my creativeness over the last week or so. 

Valentine's Day is something Peter and I take part in unashamedly. We're not one of those couples who says "every day is Valentine's Day" or "Valentine's Day is just a load of crap thought up by card companies" and "we don't need a special day to show we love each other" blah blah blah! Yes all those things are and should be true, but who cares. Why shouldn't folk partake in a day where we spread the love a little more?

So this year I was surprised with flowers, a card and go karting - what's wrong with a little healthy competition between partners? But our Valentine's continued over to the next morning when I woke up all alone hearing Peter click away on the computer next door. When I went through he announced he was making me and Epic Playlist, an epic list of  movies scores to get me all inspired. In other words, a mix tape!

Mix Tapes
Ok so it's a folder full of MP3s, but the thought and hard work is still there. Any kid of the 80's & 90's must have fond memories of making complex, thought out tapes recorded from the radio, TV and movies. I once spent hours trying to perfectly record God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You and the Reaper Rap from the end of Bill & Ted's Bogus journey! Well Peter spent an entire day on this so I'm pretty over the moon with all 87 tracks, some I know and some I don't. He even edited bits out, bits together or shortened some of them down to my favourite parts. Awesome!

It may not be my creative hard work, but listening to it every day since the moment he finished it has been like therapy, helping me concentrate on my work and designs,. Even inspiring me to come up with new ones, so in that way it totally counts! It's also one hell of a Valentine's Day gift from one movie score geek to another.

Here's a little sneak peek at some of the tracks on the Epic List