10 May 2013

Most Embarrassing!

Day 10 of the Blog Everyday in May challenge is to share your most enbarrassing moment(s). I think I'll be quick in sharing a list of the embarrassing things I do on a regular basis to save prolonged embarrassment. So here we go... facepalms at the ready!

*WARNING over use of exclamation marks to emphasise embarrassment!!!*

Falling in public
This has happened a few times recently - mainly down to my crap work shoes. I've fallen twice spectactulary and very publicly right outside the front door of the theatre. Needless to say that after Tuesdays fantastic fall, witnessed by many, I went and bought new shoes for work!

Wrong Door
Not the push/pull thing, but the wrong bathroom! How many times I've just headed for the wrong one and worse gone in is unreal!! I remember once when I was really young I walked in to the ASDA bathroom, shouted "Mum" saw a guy, ran away and never spoke of it again. This incident has led me {to this day} to constantly double check the sign on the door - even if I know it's right.
Last year we went go karting, I needed to go before putting the jumpsuit on so I went. I'm in the cubicle and the door to the bathroom opens. I went to wash my hands and saw a man standing at the urinal - thank God it was Peter!! *facepalm!

Compliments {blush}
I am rubbish at accepting compliments, I it's think due to my shyness. I just don't know how to act, so I get all red and embarrassed say a quiet "thank you" and bolt. - Definitely not cool!

Can you count?!
As with tradition in the theatre world ice creams are sold at the interval, which I have the pleasure of doing most nights I'm in the Kings. It's not complicated they're either £4 or £3, but last night!! I had a complete brain malfunction and couldn't figure out how much change to give this poor woman who ws obviously suffering due to the heat. Completely embarrassing in front of a huge queue of folk gasping for a way to cool down.
Done anything embarrassing lately?

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