14 May 2013

10 Things That Really Make Me Happy

It's Day 14 of the Blog Everyday in May challenge and todays topic is 10 Things That Make You Really Happy. It's list time again - I do love a good list, wouldn't have got through my honours year at uni without them!

1. This piece of music:   Act II Scene 14 - Pas de Deux: Dance of the Prince & the Sugar-Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky on Grooveshark

2. Seeing a design piece come together

3. Memories from my childhood running around nuts with my brother and cousins

4. My family & friends

5. Puppies!

6. Babies laughing - Just warms the soul!

7. A really beautiful landscape

8. The smell of the air just after it rains - feels like summer! {A Glasgow one anyway}

9. Peter's hugs

10. Seeing my daisies on the window sill have survived another day - maybe I can be a gardener.


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