30 November 2010

Happy St Andrews Day!

In honour of the Patron Saint of my lovely homeland, I've raided the net in search of some ink with a Scottish influence. However to give myself a wee bit of a challenge I've decided to stay away from traditional Celtic designs, I'll cover these sometime next year. (Oh and no Mel Gibson tattoos allowed!)

First though to get me in the mood for some good auld Scottish Pride, I thought I'd post some images that say Scotland to me!
First, the scenery:

I took this image in Scourie when camping, obviously a wee bit of post work here, but you get the idea!

This beautiful image is from Am Bothan, the blog of my good freind Anna.
Go check out her blog!

The Castles of course

Not minding the mud at a festival

And of course the most beautiful Ginger in the world, The Good Bru!

Okay, with that out the way here we go! I've ended up with a thistle theme, cos I love thistles, Enjoy!


This one is so cute, the simplicity is brilliant! Very pretty.


I love this design, the line work is beautiful


I love the colour in this piece. Its a Scottish/Irish mix, amazing!

From Deviant Art by johnnyjinx

And some other styles of Scottish Designs!

The Tartan must have been really difficult to do, great colour work!

by CrowxJane on DA

by GetSomeInk on DA

by greezmnky on DA

Plus here's a wee extra from me:

So thats the St Andrews day collection, hope you liked the images. Also hope you have yourselves a great St Andrews Day.
Until next time... Alba Gu Brath

Thanks for reading!


18 October 2010

It's Been A While...

Not posted in months, so I thought it was time for an update.

Since my last post a few things have happened. I did my 10k in an hour and a half. I was really chuffed with the time as it was my first one, so much that I've already signed up for next year lol. Can't wait!

Been sewing like a nutter the past few weeks, got more hours in the studio, which is brilliant, but also been sewing stuff at thome. I have two skirts to get finished asap which is turning out to be stressful as the Burda magazine isn't making much sense! I should really post all my sewing stuff up here, but so far its (mostly) on BurdaStyle

Will also be trying to modify a tartan skirt into a kilt for the Winter Wonderland fashion show my boss has planned in November. This has turned out to be a bit of a challenge, and even more challenging as I'm now running out of time to get it done on time!

Had a few tattoos over the last few months: Here are my newest designs

Katherine by =DaisyBisley on deviantART

Derek by =DaisyBisley on deviantART

Working on Dereks was brilliant as it was a break from triskeles and such a challenge to keep everything within the circle and get the spacing right.

Also got some design work from Epilepsy Scotland. I've designed the poster for their 3rd annual Ladie's Lunch on the 7th Nov. The posters will be going up in the Glasgow Subway so can't wait to see them when they go up!

And finally... exciting news for myelf and Peter. We've finally got our website up and running. We also have a blog, twitter and facebook page, please have a look! We'll be posting a lot of stuff on the blog about what we're excited about, what we're up to etc and we'd love it if you followed it.

Because my graphic design etc is now under RollerTurtle, I had to change my Daisy*B Design website. Daisy*B Design is now exclusively for tattoo design work, although I do think I'll add other services in the future, maybe sewing or baking who knows. For now though its tattoos only. I've also updated the colour scheme as black and pink was getting a bit old, so its a bit brighter and more colourful now. This has also made me want to change my DA journal skin and blog, but I really dont have the time at the moment. Keeping on top of all this web presence stuff is hard work lol!

Will probably start keeping better track of things now (hopefully). This is my design blog and shall be used for creative things, the other one, Daisy*B will be for everyday things and Tumblr is for inspirational images & stuff of that nature!
But then again it may all end up in a jumble again, lol. Wish me luck in my new organisation mission!

Once again, Thanks for reading and please visit again soon!


30 March 2010

The Busy Week!!

Over the last week or so I have come to the realisation that I am becoming obsessed with cupcakes, I saw these the other day and had to buy 2 pairs! They were only a £1 (I'm also obsessed with bargains!)

I love my new cupcake socks. I'm also always fighting the urge to bake them, when I should be working, luckily though I have 2 batches to make on Thursday so that should tide me over for a wee while!!!

This week has been lining up to be a very busy one!

Last week I went to work and my boss said that she needed some corsages made for her summer collection photo shoot on the 10th April, and gave me the opportunity to try my hand at them!
I've made small rose brooches before, but nothing like what Anna wanted. So from last Tuesday I knew this week was going to be a bit scary, so I am a bit happy I'm only working in the theatre one day this week, lol!

So I got given lots of fabric and beads etc, to help me on my quest to create a pretty, but edgy corsage! I've got lace, satin, netting and an old sequined piece to cut up and go nuts with...

I've been stressing out a wee bit over it as I do want to impress Anna a bit, and I hope she likes what I do. She gave me a rough idea of what she wants, I just hope I can pull it off!! I'll be posting pics when they are done!

In looking for some rats tail for the corsages, I went to Mandors and found these 2 lovely fabrics...

The cupcake one, I used for an apron, which I'll use on Thursday when baking all the cakes for the go karting and Peter's birthday! Pics to follow cos I haven't taken any yet.

This is the pattern I've had lying about for almost a year now, waiting to be used. I made the one on the right with the gathered waist. Can't wait to get some pics of it, I love it!

For the other fabric, I want to make a new skirt as I have one of my (many) wee cousin's first communion coming up and could do with a new outfit :D
Again, I've had this book sitting about for ages waiting for an excuse to use it and now I finally am going to! So, I've picked a simple knee length A line skirt, but I'm going to add a bit of ruffled netting/tulle at the bottom. So far I've drafted the pattern according to the book just need to work out the placement on the fabric and where to put the zip... and to buy a zip lol!
It's also an excuse to get the dressmakers dummy out, woot!

Something to be sad about this week, Glee finished. Although I saw them all ages ago, I watched the last one again last night, only 3 weeks to wait now! Can't wait! I also got the 2 volumes of the soundtracks... brilliant!

Another thing to be excited about this week... Ashes to Ashes starts on Friday!! Fire up the Quattro folks the Gene Genie is back!!

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19 March 2010

Hello again...

I haven't posted in a while, I've been absolutely swamped with work. Which is fantastic :D
So I've aged since my last post, lol! It was my birthday on the 1st March and I'm 25 now! Had a nice day, got taken out for dinner then had cake!and got prezzies! Then I suffered a neck injury after a night in the Cathouse, woops! Rocking too hard mixed with being a tad tipsy :S thanks to my lovely friends and the bruv for coming out x

The most amazing news is that my sewing classes paid off! My teacher, Anna Whyte asked me about a month ago if I would like to work with her as her assistant and of course I said yes! So I've had more work during the week, which is fantastic, I get to make clothes all day and I love it!
You can see Anna's collections here.
Her new collection is underway now and should be on the site soon!

In other news, in an earlier post I wrote about 'The Bitten' tattoo competition I was entering on Deviant Art. Well, I won! I've won my first competition, I was so excited. I entered 2 designs, but this was the design that won.

© 2010 ~ Claire L Glasgow
Daisy*B Design

So a massive thanks to Libellula and Cruelty in Poetry for the opportunity!
Thanks guys!

I've also done some other tattoo bits and pieces, have a peek...

© 2010 ~ Claire L Glasgow
Daisy*B Design

© 2010 ~ Claire L Glasgow
Daisy*B Design
All are the rough sketches of final designs and I hope to get the digital versions up eventually and then hopefully pics of the tattoos done. Unfortunately not having alot of luck with people getting photos back to me!
Although after saying that, today I was asked for the 2nd tattoo by Carrie on DA aka ScoopGirl.
The time difference between Scotland and Michigan confused me though lol, but I managed to get the design off on time and then not long after Carrie got it done, I recieved the photo! and with her permission here it is:

© 2010 ~ Claire L Glasgow
Daisy*B Design
Modification and colour by Carrie Caldwell
Thanks so much to Carrie for getting the design and for the photo!

I also finally saw this:

Myself and Peter went on Valentine's Day. Oh, it was amazing! I was crying at the end, lol. It was fantastic, and I'm so happy Disney have gone back to 2D! Brilliant!!!
And today, we're celebrating our 3 year anniversary and we're off to dinner tonight in Altura (formerly Sa Marina, the best Italian/Sicilian restaurant in Glasgow) Can't wait. Calamari yummmm!

Then on the 1st we're goin Go Karting for a joint party for Pedro and his brother in law, Johnny followed by Peter's birthday on the 2nd, (Its been a busy couple of months!) So I'm going to be baking like crazy on the 1st. I'm making vanilla cupcakes, peanut butter cupcakes and a birthday sponge for Peter. All with the aid of this lovely new book I bought last week.

It's a beautiful book and I can't wait to see what the recipes are like, wish me luck and I'll post pics of the finished cakes when they're done!

Ah well back to Sport Relief, James Corden = Hilarious!!!

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9 February 2010

The Kiss is finished. Hope you like it

Thanks for looking

My Birthday Treat to Me...

So it's my birthday on the 1st of March, a wee while away, but there was a sale in Vivien of Holloway and I had to treat myself. I've been eyeing up one of these halterneck tops for a while, and when I discovered they were only £15 in the sale I had to treat myself!

This isn't the exact one, the gingham on mine is a slightly larger pattern, but its pretty similar. I will definitely be posting a pic when it arrives.

I love Vivien of Holloway. Their dresses and tops are beautiful and I absolutely love there swing trousers! Have a peek here...

Last year I bought one of their dresses, a Halterneck Pencil Dress for my boyfriend's, Sister's wedding reception in Italy. I loved it. It's one of those dresses that as soon as you put it on, you feel stunning and your spine straightens as the zip goes up and your posture is automatically perfect lol

This is the one I bought:

And this is me in it at the reception! Words cannot describe how much I love this dress lol!

We colour co-ordinated... nice :P

Whilst in Italy and when I got back (blame amazing, REAL Italian food) I put on a bit of weight and when I tried the dress on a few months ago it was a bit tight.
On Friday, however I was trying to work out my size again to buy the top and it fit! I could move and breathe in it again. Thank God for the gym, body attack and pilates!
I was so excited and am now needing another excuse to wear it out. I don't need an excuse really I love it so much I'd wear it to go to the shops lol. I would wear it on the Valentines day Date with Peter, but it's a bit to dressy for the Princess and the Frog. However, we do have my birthday, our anniversary and his birthday all within the next 2 months, so maybe...

Anyways, to all of you ladies who like classic 1950's cuts and styles in their clothes visit Vivien. The stock is stunning and fantastic quality, and the prices are pretty resonable for handade garments!

Here's a few of my favourites.

Thanks for reading

6 February 2010

What I'm Up To...

Hi folks,

Well I've been working away on various freelance projects and 1 portfolio piece. Won't post any freelance stuff until its finished, but here's a wee screen shot of the WIP for my portfolio piece:

It is called The Kiss and its going to be a mish mash of textures and images. I've had this idea in my head for a while and only ever sketched out the couple. I haven't planned it, just going with whats in my head and what looks and feels right. Pretty organic really!
I have a list of portfolio bits and bobs waiting to be done and I'm really impatient to start them as I'm (for the first time in ages) excited to do some work for myself. It feels good:D

Other than that and the freelance work I've been doing my knackering fitness classes! Pilates on a Tuesday and Body Attack on a Thursday night. Still sewing on a Monday and working in the theatres whenever possible. So I'm a busy girl!!

Also on my travels I managed to get a hold of the first 13 episodes of Glee. Its so good! and I can't wait for the next lot to be shown. Obviously I'll be waiting a while as here in Scotland we're only on 4 or 5 I think :( but Supernatural starts on Wednesday to keep me entertained until then.

I'm also really excited about this.....

Woot, my lovely other half, Peter is taking me to dinner on Valentines day and then we're going to see this! I can't wait. It's been so long since I've seen a Disney movie in the cinema, I think the last one was Lilo & Stitch. It's also been a while since a Disney Movie has been in 2D, and I'm so glad that John Lasseter decided to go back instead of carrying on with the 3D. Although Bolt was brilliant it was the only 3D Disney movie that I liked. I just love the look of it, It looks brilliant aah, Aaaanyway, really excited and cannot wait! I feel like a big kid lol!

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21 January 2010

Digital Catch Up...

The final catch up. My digital work.

So if you followed me before, you might remember that I was working on a Vexel Bumblebee piece in Photoshop. Well, its finally finished and here it is...


I was really happy that this was finally done. I used tutorials on DeviantArt by Donbenni to help me through it. He does loads of really cool vexel artworks. I think it turned out well and I can't wait to try another car! Was thinking about doing the Impala from supernatural, Ooh or a mustang! what do you think?

Next up is a couple of typography pieces. The first one is called 2010 and is for the Text Art in 2010 competition on DeviantArt. It was done completely in Photoshop.



The one above is called Alive. I actually did this before 2010. I aketched the text out then scanned it and went over it with the pen tool inPs. It took a while, but it was worth ir I think, instead of using a font from the computer. I did about 4 or 5 lighting tutorials from the web and Advanced Photoshop magazines before I even attemted these as I really want to get good at lighting effects and really understand how to use Ps to the best of its capabilities.

This next piece has to be my favourite. After complaining that my artistic Flash skills were not that great (I've only ever used it for animating) I wanted to shut myself up by trying. Fortunately my boyfriend is a Flash genius and gave me a quick rundown on how to go about creating really clean vector images. So after lots of swearing and shouting (luckily Peter never heard as he was wearing his headphones that could block the sound of an atomic blast!) I came out with this angry wee sod!
The idea came of an angry cupcake came to me in work for some odd reason. I sketched it in the dark there (I work in a theatre), took it home and scanned it into Ps. As soon as I started I realised I wasn't going to get the vector look I was wanting, hence the complaining about my Flash skills, or lack thereof! lol

The Angry Cupcake

I thought he would be angry because his frosting is pink and he really wanted to be blue! Hope you like him :D

So thats the end of the catch up with Daisy*B! Next time it will all be new stuff, lets just hope I don't take too long :P
At the moment I'm working on a logo for a band called Aiteal and a group of photographs for my Auntie of my wee cousins surfing. Stay tuned to see how I get on.

Thanks for reading