22 July 2011

Nerd Fest

Dear readers, you may or may know that I am a self confessed Nerd and in honour of the San Diego Comic Con thats happening this week hundreds and thousands of miles away from me (*sigh, one day!!), I thought I'd have another Nerd fest full of tattoos, art and some handmade goodies.
But to start off I will hand over to our fearless leader from The Nerd Machine, Zachary Levi, for some info on day 1 at Nerd HQ!

Now for fun stuff...



From Craft
From Folksy



Thats most of the nerdy things out the way, but I thought I'd sign off with the new pics released for the Hobbit! I finally read the book after being a fan of Lord of the Rings for years and now I can't wait for the movie.

Woot can't wait to see it!

Thanks for reading

19 July 2011

Adventures in Jewellery Making

I had a breakthrough with some designs for my jewellery ideas while on the train to visit my Mum in  Leicestershire. So I came back and got stuck in making them.
Unfortunately something went wrong with the first batch and then again with the 2nd batch, but I got 5 good ones lol!  I keep telling myself that practice makes perfect and its all about experimentation they're not ready for sale yet and the ideas keep popping into my brain faster than I can sketch them, but I'm determined to perfect this and get them up on my Folksy or Misi site.
Behold the reject pile... I think it had something to do with the paper so I think I'll buy some heavier weight paper. (and maybe let the glue set lol) 

This one was an accident after it had set slightly I dropped a pen and it got stuck. Once I lifted it up the resin came with it and kind of swirled over the top. It looks a mess, but I'm sure if I did it a little artistically it might work with a design.

The good ones came out ok. I still need to perfect them and possibly print the designs off at a higher resolution.


These are only 2 of the designs I've done, but I have a few more with different collections in mind too. I've also got some ideas with using shrink plastic as well, so fun times ahead.

As for my seminars and workshops. I've got  this week. One tomorrow on becoming self employed and 2 on Thursday for business planning and marketing, I'm really looking forward to them. The first one I went to was a business awareness one, basically designed to make us aware of everything that could crop up while starting up. It was really interesting although quite scary lol.
Got loads going ont his week heading to the 3 workshops and then at the weekend myself and Peter are heading to the Merchant City for the 3 Years to GoSports Challenge for the Commonwealth Games, there's a possibility that Peter's work for the Tontine Building will be on display too which is exciting!! Then we're heading to the Britannia Bazaar in the The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall, a building I've never been in, but am looking forward to after seeing the website and hearing about it. So many things to see in Glasgow :D