26 May 2011

New Work

Yesterday I did some work in Illustrator and came up with 2 new pieces. I've been wanting to get practice with it for a while so I had fun!

Will hopefully have some more new stuff up soon

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23 May 2011

Cupcakes and Hobbits

From lovely sunny days to horrible rainy ones, I really hope that isn't our summer over and done with!
While it's been raining I've been working away on a few projects, mainly reading the Hobbit on my new gadget :D I bought myself a Kindle as a late birthday present to myself. I justified it by the amount of weight I would save when reading Lord of the Rings again, well thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
But first some amazing news, my lovely other half has only gone and got himself a new job in a computer games company, he's on a wee trial at the moment so lots and lots of luck to him, we're both so very excited although I think he's more nervous than I am lol!

I've also been planning my Mum's 50th birthday cake for the past wee while and on Thursday night (very late) I finished it as well as 24 cupcakes, well 23 as I ended up eating one to test how sticky it was with foil wrappers as I've never used them before, again thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it :P

All the cakes were vanilla with vanilla buttercream. The main cake had three layers of sponge, 2 purple and 1 plain. I used fondant icing to make the roses and I glued them to the cake with a wee bit water. I really enjoyed making it, more the decorating than the baking, but it was lots of fun.
It all went down well and everyone seemed to like it so happy days!

I've also been working on a few tattoos and some stuff of my own. I recently finished Dan's tattoo which was a triskele with an edge and a lot of fun to do. He wanted the triskele to have thorns and be a bit thicker than my usual ones.

I think it looks pretty cool and I can't wait to see it done, was really chuffed with it!
I also started Carrie's celtic turtle tattoo. This took me a while to figure out in Illustrator, probably because of the awkward way I did it, but I got there in the end.

As I said earlier I've been reading The Hobbit recently and have got a lot of inspiration from it. I've been wanting to work in Illustrator for a while now, creating something totally vector so I thought mixing both these ideas would be a start! The chapter in the book that involves Mirkwood was my greatest inspiration and I wanted to use that image for the vector piece.

I had fun doing it and really getting into Illustrator and all the things it can do. Planning other works too when I have the time to sit down and work on them.
And last but not least the most important news of the day *cough* Tangled has just arrived, thank you postie!
I'm off for a watch :D
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8 May 2011


I've found a new addiction online in the form of Pinterest. There are so many pretty images on there its crazy. Have a peek:

Source: None via cyn on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Alena on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Daisy*B on Pinterest

Source: google.de via Jessica on Pinterest

As you can see its pretty addictive and there are loads of beautiful and inspiring images to be found and its well worth signing up for an invite!

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2 May 2011


Got a lovely email today from a previous client, Aaron who got in touch at the start of the year asking me to design him a triskele. Aaron was only my second male client so I was pretty nervous about getting it right. I usually design for lady folk so I thought my designs might be too feminine.
As pretty much all of my designs are personal to the client I won't really be spilling the beans on all meanings and reasonings behind the tattoos. What I will talk about is the design aspects. Aaron wanted the design NOT to be feminine obviously, so this was my challenge. I've designed a male tattoo before with my Derek design, but this was different as it was a triskele, something I've only done for women!
Aaron also wanted each arm to have an organic tendril look and have the appearance of living plants, but with a celtic feel.

Here are a few of the original sketches:

These were a couple from the first rounds of designing. They were very celtic with knots all over the place, so much fun! I tried to keep the plant like appearance too, using thin vine-like lines for the arms.

These were the 2 versions Aaron choose to have a look at for the final design. He also wanted a green colour, which works really well!

This was the final design drawn up digitally.

It was pretty refeshing to design for Aaron, as with Derek I was totally out of my comfort zone and having to think differently "what would a man like?" I kept asking myself! Overall I'm really happy with the finished design and so was Aaron, so much so that he put it on his skin!

It looks amazing and the size really does it justice. I'm so happy with it and I can't wait to see it when it heals. Thanks Aaron!!!!!

I've been commission for 4 other designs too, a cluster of stars, a celtic turtle, a celtic version of Superman and a top secret design that will be a gift. There are also a few other design jobs possibly in the works so I'll keep you posted!

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