30 November 2010

Happy St Andrews Day!

In honour of the Patron Saint of my lovely homeland, I've raided the net in search of some ink with a Scottish influence. However to give myself a wee bit of a challenge I've decided to stay away from traditional Celtic designs, I'll cover these sometime next year. (Oh and no Mel Gibson tattoos allowed!)

First though to get me in the mood for some good auld Scottish Pride, I thought I'd post some images that say Scotland to me!
First, the scenery:

I took this image in Scourie when camping, obviously a wee bit of post work here, but you get the idea!

This beautiful image is from Am Bothan, the blog of my good freind Anna.
Go check out her blog!

The Castles of course

Not minding the mud at a festival

And of course the most beautiful Ginger in the world, The Good Bru!

Okay, with that out the way here we go! I've ended up with a thistle theme, cos I love thistles, Enjoy!


This one is so cute, the simplicity is brilliant! Very pretty.


I love this design, the line work is beautiful


I love the colour in this piece. Its a Scottish/Irish mix, amazing!

From Deviant Art by johnnyjinx

And some other styles of Scottish Designs!

The Tartan must have been really difficult to do, great colour work!

by CrowxJane on DA

by GetSomeInk on DA

by greezmnky on DA

Plus here's a wee extra from me:

So thats the St Andrews day collection, hope you liked the images. Also hope you have yourselves a great St Andrews Day.
Until next time... Alba Gu Brath

Thanks for reading!