22 May 2013

No Cameras... Please!!

Two things bug on a regular basis - Folk taking pictures in the theatre and those that use their phones in the cinema.
 < RANT >
Before I worked in the theatre, I must admit, I would have to count myself among the annoying folk who whipped out their camera at a gig to try and get a good photo to capture the moment, always to be disappointed by the outcome. Too far away, badly lit or someone's flailing hand getting in the way just as I hit the button.

Now it bugs me on so many levels. It is one of the most annoying things to have to deal with as an usher in the theatre. Pretty much 99% of the time you're not allowed to use them due to copyright and it can distract whoever's on stage - pretty dangerous if it's a travelling ice show. And sometimes there is even an announcement which is just blatantly ignored.

So why is it so annoying? I'm talking directly to those that do it now, yes you camera hound! *wags finger*

Well aside from the fact that you have clearly ignored any announcement, it's completely distracting for everyone around you, it's pointless and we're the ones who have to climb over disgruntled patrons to get to you and tell you to stop. When we get to you please take a moment to look at the patrons we have just disturbed in order to get to you. They're mad at us, but really should be mad at you.

Here's a thought. Enjoy the moment, be completely in it! Don't worry so much about capturing it - just be there. It's being there 100% that makes the memory. Not the shoddy, badly lit, shaky picture you've just taken. Savour the event, take it all in and enjoy it!

All of the above also really sums up my thoughts on phones in the cinema. If you can't go two hours without your phone and/or Facebook please refrain from visiting the cinema and visit a professional for your addiction to social media.
< /RANT >


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