30 March 2010

The Busy Week!!

Over the last week or so I have come to the realisation that I am becoming obsessed with cupcakes, I saw these the other day and had to buy 2 pairs! They were only a £1 (I'm also obsessed with bargains!)

I love my new cupcake socks. I'm also always fighting the urge to bake them, when I should be working, luckily though I have 2 batches to make on Thursday so that should tide me over for a wee while!!!

This week has been lining up to be a very busy one!

Last week I went to work and my boss said that she needed some corsages made for her summer collection photo shoot on the 10th April, and gave me the opportunity to try my hand at them!
I've made small rose brooches before, but nothing like what Anna wanted. So from last Tuesday I knew this week was going to be a bit scary, so I am a bit happy I'm only working in the theatre one day this week, lol!

So I got given lots of fabric and beads etc, to help me on my quest to create a pretty, but edgy corsage! I've got lace, satin, netting and an old sequined piece to cut up and go nuts with...

I've been stressing out a wee bit over it as I do want to impress Anna a bit, and I hope she likes what I do. She gave me a rough idea of what she wants, I just hope I can pull it off!! I'll be posting pics when they are done!

In looking for some rats tail for the corsages, I went to Mandors and found these 2 lovely fabrics...

The cupcake one, I used for an apron, which I'll use on Thursday when baking all the cakes for the go karting and Peter's birthday! Pics to follow cos I haven't taken any yet.

This is the pattern I've had lying about for almost a year now, waiting to be used. I made the one on the right with the gathered waist. Can't wait to get some pics of it, I love it!

For the other fabric, I want to make a new skirt as I have one of my (many) wee cousin's first communion coming up and could do with a new outfit :D
Again, I've had this book sitting about for ages waiting for an excuse to use it and now I finally am going to! So, I've picked a simple knee length A line skirt, but I'm going to add a bit of ruffled netting/tulle at the bottom. So far I've drafted the pattern according to the book just need to work out the placement on the fabric and where to put the zip... and to buy a zip lol!
It's also an excuse to get the dressmakers dummy out, woot!

Something to be sad about this week, Glee finished. Although I saw them all ages ago, I watched the last one again last night, only 3 weeks to wait now! Can't wait! I also got the 2 volumes of the soundtracks... brilliant!

Another thing to be excited about this week... Ashes to Ashes starts on Friday!! Fire up the Quattro folks the Gene Genie is back!!

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19 March 2010

Hello again...

I haven't posted in a while, I've been absolutely swamped with work. Which is fantastic :D
So I've aged since my last post, lol! It was my birthday on the 1st March and I'm 25 now! Had a nice day, got taken out for dinner then had cake!and got prezzies! Then I suffered a neck injury after a night in the Cathouse, woops! Rocking too hard mixed with being a tad tipsy :S thanks to my lovely friends and the bruv for coming out x

The most amazing news is that my sewing classes paid off! My teacher, Anna Whyte asked me about a month ago if I would like to work with her as her assistant and of course I said yes! So I've had more work during the week, which is fantastic, I get to make clothes all day and I love it!
You can see Anna's collections here.
Her new collection is underway now and should be on the site soon!

In other news, in an earlier post I wrote about 'The Bitten' tattoo competition I was entering on Deviant Art. Well, I won! I've won my first competition, I was so excited. I entered 2 designs, but this was the design that won.

© 2010 ~ Claire L Glasgow
Daisy*B Design

So a massive thanks to Libellula and Cruelty in Poetry for the opportunity!
Thanks guys!

I've also done some other tattoo bits and pieces, have a peek...

© 2010 ~ Claire L Glasgow
Daisy*B Design

© 2010 ~ Claire L Glasgow
Daisy*B Design
All are the rough sketches of final designs and I hope to get the digital versions up eventually and then hopefully pics of the tattoos done. Unfortunately not having alot of luck with people getting photos back to me!
Although after saying that, today I was asked for the 2nd tattoo by Carrie on DA aka ScoopGirl.
The time difference between Scotland and Michigan confused me though lol, but I managed to get the design off on time and then not long after Carrie got it done, I recieved the photo! and with her permission here it is:

© 2010 ~ Claire L Glasgow
Daisy*B Design
Modification and colour by Carrie Caldwell
Thanks so much to Carrie for getting the design and for the photo!

I also finally saw this:

Myself and Peter went on Valentine's Day. Oh, it was amazing! I was crying at the end, lol. It was fantastic, and I'm so happy Disney have gone back to 2D! Brilliant!!!
And today, we're celebrating our 3 year anniversary and we're off to dinner tonight in Altura (formerly Sa Marina, the best Italian/Sicilian restaurant in Glasgow) Can't wait. Calamari yummmm!

Then on the 1st we're goin Go Karting for a joint party for Pedro and his brother in law, Johnny followed by Peter's birthday on the 2nd, (Its been a busy couple of months!) So I'm going to be baking like crazy on the 1st. I'm making vanilla cupcakes, peanut butter cupcakes and a birthday sponge for Peter. All with the aid of this lovely new book I bought last week.

It's a beautiful book and I can't wait to see what the recipes are like, wish me luck and I'll post pics of the finished cakes when they're done!

Ah well back to Sport Relief, James Corden = Hilarious!!!

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