25 April 2013

2013 Challenges and Goals

Last year I challenged myself to read the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes stories. Well I completed my mission in under 10 months and enjoyed most if not all of them. This year I'm on another reading mission. I want 2013 to be the year I become more creative, structured and mindful.

I took part in a mindfulness class back in September last year and loved it. I came away feeling more relaxed than I had felt in a long time and since then have thought about going to other classes. Unfortunately they always seem to clash with work, so I've opted for the teach myself method using online forums and books - Mindfulness: Plain and Simple is the book I've opted for a long with various pocket/short Mindfulness books and eBooks I've found around the net. Loving the ones from Tinybuddha.com especially, they're short and sweet and full of lots inspiring words.

Another goal is to get better/more efficient at being creative. By more efficient I think I mean to let it flow more instead of worrying so much about whether my work will be any good or not. I've read loads of reviews of Brenda Ueland's If You Want to Write and have discovered that its more a book about creativity on the whole rather than just writing. I have to say, I've only read 5 chapters and already I'm beginning to feel more open and creative - which feels fantastic!

So that brings me to my other reads for 2013. Most are to do with writing/blogging which I do think I need a bit of help with, so I've opted for Blog Wonderful by Dana Fox, who writes fantastically over at The Wonder Forest and as I love little nuggets of info, 101 Blogging Tips by Tristan Higbee. I'm sure I'll add others to the list as I go one, but I think both of these are good places to start.

I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to these books and start learning and growing with each one. Hopefully I'll start some review posts on here too to really push my blogging and writing skills. This is turn, I hope, will be the building blocks to a routine throughout the day to really get things on track. 

I've also added Game of Thrones in there as my big reward for finishing them! Think I might throw The Outsiders in to the mix as well, it's been far too long since I read that one :)

Wish me luck

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