27 April 2012

Avengers Fans... Assemble!!

Tomorrow night will be a gathering of Nerd and Geek friends as we venture out together to the IMAX to see The Avengers (or Avengers Assemble as its being called in the UK)

The UK title makes me think of this...

Anyway... I've been pretty excited about The Avengers for a while now, but I admit I'm not even that much of a Marvel fan other than the X Men and my only knowledge of Thor was Norse mythology and Vincent D'Onofrio in Adventures In Babysitting!
The reason for my new found interest in Marvel is the quality of their movies in the last few years. I loved Thor, Iron Man was fun and Edward Norton's version of the Hulk was brilliant! Although I'm pretty gutted Edward Norton isn't returning, but I'm more than sure that Mark Ruffalo will be just as good.

I'm more a DC/Batman/Superman fan, but the more and more I watch and think about the new Batman series, the more I'm not that fussed for it. They are indeed cracking films but I, like many I've spoken to, just can't get in to Christian Bale as Batman. As Bruce Wayne he's great, but the voice just gets more and more irritating and I hope they tone it down a bit for The Dark Knight Rises. I'm looking forward to seeing where they take the third movie and how the twist on Bane will work and I have some ideas in my head that I'd love to see, but I'm just too in love with the animated series and the Arkham Asylum/City games style of Batman to get too worked up about it.

Back to the Avengers -
The other reason I'm really looking forward to it is the Special Effects - they look fantastic! I love movies of all kinds and hate being told I'm not a "real fan of film" if I enjoy big budget SFX blockbusters. Well I say boo to you film snob! - The effects folk have, from what I've seen in the trailer, done a brilliant job of integrating their computer magic with real footage, if it is even real footage you sneaky bunch!

Another great example of  SFX for Marvel characters was the work done in Captain America, « (Click here for a short article on the FX). They did an awesome job with Steve Rogers. If you're interested I really do recommend checking out the special features on the DVD for a short documentary on how they did it - Fantastic stuff!

However, I am most excited about the fact that the wonderful Joss Whedon is directing! I'm a massive fan of  Mr Whedon and have been since my teens with Angel, Buffy and later, the beloved Firefly. Not much explanation needed there really - I love his work :D

I leave you with a bit of fisty cuffs between Iron Man and the Mighty Thor...

Have you seen The Avengers yet? What did you think? 
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