15 May 2013

A Day In The Life

Our challenge today is to share "a day in the life". A typical day in my life is spent mainly at the computer working with the odd break inbetween, so a picture an hour might not be that exciting, but his is how I usually spend my day;

Tuesday 14th
I always start the day with breakfast, I can't function otherwise.

Then I'll check all my social feeds and all my news via Feedly to find some good articles to read and share on Twitter.

 Then it's time to work; on some graphic design for Engage or a commission I'm working on.

Whenever it is that I remember to stop, I'll get up for some lunch, a cuppa and some reading. I try and read once a day for about half an hour, it really helps me relax and focus - Chill time!

Once I've had a little break I'll get back to work either on the computer or some sketching. On a Friday, this is usually replaced by all the housework that needs doing.

 Time to prepare dinner - Getting the spices ready for our homemade curry.

 After dinner it's time to kick back and relax with the comfy socks and watch Sauron try and take over Middle Earth.
I'll sometimes sketch some more whilst watching the telly with another cuppa :)

Kick his ass Aragorn!!

 Then after all is done and Middle Earth is safe, it's time for bed - Sleepy time zzzzzz

How do you spend your day?


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