2 July 2012

Weddings, Pirates, Turtles and Tattoos!

My last few posts have been about movies I've seen in the last few months, so I thought this time I'd post about the work I've been doing. I've had a few since the beginning of the year and I hope I continue to get more. I've been thinking recently of updating the website again with a new design section. This way my work might appeal to more people wanting different types of commissions as well as tattoos which in turn will mean more design fun for me!

Last month I was over the moon to be asked to design a wedding invitation for a friend and it was great to be able to turn my hand to something a bit different. 

I loved designing these and I was so happy that Joni liked them. I'd really like to do more invitations and print based things, so I'll need to get some sample designs together.

Last year I was asked to do a different type of print based design. Katherine at The Meltemi Dive Centre in Ios, Greece got in touch and asked if I would like to design a couple of T shirts for them. I love T shirts and have quite a vast collection of them so I was really happy about getting the commission. Katherine asked for a tribal turtle and a pirate diver design for 2 shirts that would be available at the centre.  I've only just been given the go ahead to share this design in the last few weeks, which is why I'm now sharing it all over my online profiles - so happy with it!

Copyright Meltemi Dive Centre


Copyright Meltemi Dive Centre
I was so proud of these designs as they were going to be seen on a daily basis and worn by folk that visited the Dive Centre. I was so happy about this that when I got a package trough the door containing samples of the shirts I shrieked with joy - like a proper shriek!! I'm assuming the same will happen if I ever meet any of you lovely people who happen to my work inked permanently on your skin, so I apologise in advance if shriek with glee in your face!
Not only were the designs on 2 separate shirts, but also on a multitude of marketing materials. I think I might frame them! I will post a pic of all the goodies together soon.

In April I got sent this amazing pic from Marty O'Shea that his brother Dan had commissioned me to design for them last year. Marty then asked me to design another one for him. 

The design was to include the initials AMO as a symbol and we eventually came out with 2 final designs.
On a side note Marty is the Drummer for The Eternal, worth checking out some of their tunes - so good!!

My newest commission is for a lovely lady called Sarah who has been on my facebook a few times leaving comments and likes (thanks Sarah), so I was over the moon when she asked for a design.

This is just one of the first sketches I drew up for Sarah and I can't wait to work together on getting the final design. Experimenting with the infinity symbol is a lot of fun!

I would like to add a wee note to the end of this post to say thanks to everyone who has asked me to design for them and those who have gone on to use the designs or get them inked. I really appreciate the work you have given me and have taken great pleasure in creating all the designs. A wee bit mushy I know, but hey!

If you are interested in a custom design please get in touch via email or Tweet Me

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