20 August 2009

My Corset...

I made a corset!! yay! I love it. I made it while at the Corset Workshop ran by the wonderful Anna Antczak in Glasgow. It was such a good experience and I've gained more confidence in my sewing. I can't wait to try another one!
It is made from green Silk Dupion with purple trim and I have affectionately named it The Joker because of the colour.
Here's an image of my favourite psycho for good measure lol!!

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1 August 2009

Back from Italy...

Got back from Cetraro a few days ago and have only just began to check everything.

My first freelance job is underway and there is a little bit of pressure to get it right first time.
So this post will be short and sweet.
Start my corset workshop in 2 weeks and getting really excited about it. Can't wait, go fabric shopping soon!

Haven't done a blog background as of yet as there is just so much going on.
Will post again soon.

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30 June 2009

Updating the Blog...

So I have deceided that I've had enough of online backgrounds and want to make my own. So I've been doing a few tutorials to make some.
Stay tuned for the blogs new look. In the mean time here's another peek at the Bumblebee WIP.
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27 June 2009

New Job & Big Post...

So I've been working away on my new freelance job and have finished the first pieces. They're for a poster that will go in the window of the Print Centre, Paisley.
The print company I work for were looking for someone who could do photo-manipulations in an Anne Geddes sort of style. As in babies and flowers. Obviously I'm not near her standard, but with practice & time I could be.

Anyways I've been doing tutorial after tutorial in Photoshop to get better and at the same time working away. So here are the 5 final images:

The idea is that when a customer would like a canvas printed of their baby in a flower, they can pick one of 5/6 flowers, send me the baby image and I manipulate the photograph to fit within the flower.

I'm actually really excited about it cos its finally my start in digital art as freelance work. A year after graduating I finally get a break, even if its a small one, its still a break :D

I'm still lacking that confidence in my own work at times tho, but because of all the tutorials I'm doing I can feel wee bits of confidence slipping in as well as some pride in my own work. Something I've not felt before in self motivated piece
s. Yes I knew I was good at art etc in school and Uni, but when you get out of that comfort zone and into the big bad world the competition & quality is so high, you can get very scared. Not to mention looking at other artists work can be daunting and off putting. But now I'm beginning to think "I can do this" and instead of being put off and intimidated I'm thinking "right, how did they do that and how can I achieve something of that standard"
Anyways, I'm really hoping it takes off and I can get more work because of it!

At the moment I'm working on a vector image of Bumblee (the lovely yellow Camaro) from Tranformers! I've been seeing all these vehicle vectors on Deviant Art. I absolutley love them and had to try one. So stay tuned, I'll be posting it soon!
Here's a wee snippet of Bumblebee's progress:

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16 June 2009

Good News...

I got the job and now have an official job title... I am a freelance digital artist yay!!

My first job is to gather together a decent collection of photographs of flowers for my work. So I'm off to Bellahouston Park to take some photos.

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15 June 2009


So I've had some potential good newa bout some freelance work, have a meeting today with a print company that want me to do some wartwork for them.... So excited! So I'll see how that goes today :D

Also have don
e a wee bit more of jewellery and accessory design. After trying to get a nice come for the wedding in July and discovering the one I really liked is out of stock and not likely to come back in in time, I decided to make my own.

It is made from pearl and crystal beads wrapped with silver plated wire around a metal comb. The roses are made from ivory clay and are also wrappeed woth silver plated wire. I decided to add them to my store so they can be made to order at my Misi store.
I can also make custom design to suit the individual.

Still have to sort out all my other items and get them uploaded to Misi, will be doing that soon.
Wish me luck for today!!

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22 May 2009

My new crocheted character...

Here's a wee look at a present I made for my brother...

Hope you like...

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7 May 2009

What I've Been Up to...

Here's a few images to catch up and show you what I've been upto, hope you like =D...

A Top Gun themed Birthday Cake for Peter, it was surrounded by chocolate cupcakes with wee jet plane buttons in them. It was so much fun to do already trying to plan something bigger and better for next year.

Some Creepy Cute Crochet . I loved making these wee guys and gals and am in the process of making some more. Planning a Halo character, Michael Knight and Jason Vorhees for some wee gifts for people.

And some wire wrap rings that will be on sale in my store soon...

Still trying to get everything up to date. Have a few days off next week so will hopefully have time to get up to date and get bits and bobs finished.
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24 April 2009

New Logo...

My new logo done completely by me. No borrowed brushes or anything. Hope you like it!

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New Colours...

Got sick of the black and the pink so i updated the colours, inspired by a lovely scrap of fabric I have.

New logo to come soon too, not 100% sure yet on the placement on colour but will sort it all out once the logo's done

please keep checking back for up dates

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19 April 2009

My first finished crocheted masterpiece...

Finished this and wanted to share...

m so happy with her! Got the Pattern free with Lets Knit magazine but it is available in a book called Seriously Cute Crochet by Ana Paula Rimoli

Have other wee things in the process at the moment as well as another tattoo design. I will post back next week when EVERYTHING is updated properly

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27 March 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Not been on here for a wee while, been busy with work and... getting to know my new sewing machine! woo hoo!

Well, the Singers foot pedal went so had to get a new capacitor, but now i cant use it until its got a 3 Amp fuse! So long story short Peter bought me a new one for our 2 year anniversary! Will be posting some pics of it soon as well as some of my creations!
Also been busy planning Peter's birthday, I'm making the cake and everything so trying to do all that while he's at work will also be posting pics of that next week.

Anyways off to the gym now then going to see Jimmy Carr tonight. Will be fun!

Oh and heres something i did for some colour practice, hope you like it.

The line art is by: http://kidnotorious.deviantart.com/

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3 March 2009

Working away!...

So i took all the photos of my new pieces and got them all into the computer and realised that they are all to dark and can't be brightened or touched up without ruining them. So... i'll need to take all the photos again...sigh!
Anyways, i've been trying to work on the Poison Ivy/ Batman piece and been getting a bit frustrated with it, but i've been doing a bit of practice with my colour work all day and will do more over the next week or so, then i'll finish the piece, then onto the others.

In other news... It was my birthday on Sunday and my wonderful boyfriend Peter took me to Edinburgh zoo. It was sunny most of the time too! It was
great fun. He also cooked me Lasagne, you cant get much better than that!! =D

I love penguins, lol! they're amazing. These two were a couple of our favourites! Took tonnes of photos, these are a few of the best...

My "Cheeky Monkey" birthday cake!

18 February 2009

My shiny ,new shop...

Yay, I have a shop. Its not got a lot in it yet but i've got one! Need to take more pics of my work and get them all priced and uploaded. Also have more supplies on the way so I'll have even more pieces hopefully by the end of the month! Lots of kilt pins, cabochans, threads and wires on the way. Feeling very inspired!

Feeling... creative & Inspired
Listening to... DeVotchKa - Last Beat of My Heart

13 February 2009

Another DC Update...

Heres another update on the DC piece i'm working on. I've worked in all the base colours, added a bit of tone and the base for the vines.
To do:
Vine shading
Finishing touches

Its almost there and then i'll be able to move on to the others. Might not be able to get much done over the next week though as I've got quite a few shifts at work, but hopefully soon.

Upcoming D.C characters:
Harley Quinn
Wonder Woman
Lois Lane

Also got a few more pieces of jewellery made so I will upload them soon once they're all framed!

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10 February 2009

My First Tutorial...

Hello everyone! I have created my very first tutorial. It was great fun and I can't wait to do more (whenever i get the time lol!) It's a tutorial about how to create a kilt pin brooch by using a real kilt pin instead of the ones with the jump rings already attached. It came from some comments on Deviant Art with The One Marina So I thought I'd give a tutorial a go and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, although my technical drawing ability isn't what it used to be lol! Hope it helps some people with their jewellery making =D

Also a (small) update with the women of D.C. piece. I worked the colour of Ivy a wee bit and will continue with Batman and the background today.
To do:
Batman Colour
Background Colour
Highlights & Shadows
us anything else I can think of

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4 February 2009

New Jewellery...

Another post...
Got a bit crafty last night and made some new jewellery. All made using wire and beads other work can be seen on my Deviant Art page.
Hope you like them...

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3 February 2009

Quick Update...

Thought I'd add some images of the lovely stitch holders I made to keep a hold on my knitting. Enjoy =D
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Daisy*B xXx


So after Uni I finally decided I would start drawing for myself again! 4 years of project work driven by design briefs and personal opinion of tutors determining whether I was good or not gets a little bit tiring and can put you off drawing altogether. But after reading Hush by Jeff Loeb and Jim Lee, plus a little encouragement from my other half, I got the inspiration to do a wee D.C piece of my own. Just something silly and fun and in my own simple style. So I decided to base it on my favourite heroines and villainess’ of D.C. I know this has probably been done to death, but I want a turn lol =D

The characte
rs I’ve sketched are Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Huntress, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Hawkgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane and Batman. I’ve had fun doing the initial sketches although I had a bit of troble trying to get the pose for Huntress right. Now I've started colouring my first one which is Poison Ivy and Batman. Once they’re all finished I’ll edit them all together in one piece. Eventually I hope to get round to doing a few of the male characters too to suit the female ones.

Here is a sneaky preview of the WIP...

All thats left now is to add a bit of tone, add the vines, a bit of texture then a final touch up and the first piece is done =D

Really looking forward to the final piece so I can get started on the next one, which I think will be Lois.

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2 February 2009

My First Post...

Hello everyone, I am new to Blogger and Blogs in general. I’ve got a website, but its nothing too impressive and I’m trying to redesign it at the moment (along with tonnes of other projects bustling around my brain lol!)
I’m 23 and live in Renfrew, Scotland. I finished Uni in May where I studied Animation and Digital Art. It was fun, but stressful and made me realise what I really want to do in life…. Make things.
I’ve been crafting since I was born, making things from ripped wrapping paper, sellotape and washing up liquid bottles. Now I try almost everything from traditional arts, knitting, ATC’s, jewellery making & card making to Digital art and animation.

I was recently commissioned to design a tattoo based on a triskele design. I also designed a tattoo for my cousin which is inspired by a celtic knot and some Japanese floral designs. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed the process and it is n
ow permanently inked on someones skin forever =)

I’ll use this blog to show my art and crafty bits that I make, but I also want to post a pic of this…

The 1960 Singer 201k that my boyfriends, Mum is letting me use to start sewing. Its beee-yoooo-teee-fool =D

Please visit back for more updates on my arts and crafts