29 May 2013

5 Songs

With our challenge quickly nearing its end I'm a little bit sad. It's been a great month of prompts, meeting new folk and learning more about myself and writing. I'm looking forward to continuing the blog without so many prompts and coming up with my own features, but I have to admit I'm nervous about it!

On to today's topic: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. I love music and it has been a constant friend throughout my life, working like a therapist during the bad times and enhancing the good times by association. Helping to mould me in to the person I am. It was difficult to pick just five songs that mean something to me as there are so many, so I thought it might be best if I choose those that kind of sum up feelings and memories as a whole. Let's see how I do.

T Rex and 20th Century Boy in particular takes me back to high school and specifically one night during a concert that my best friends and I put on. You know who you are and you know what moment of the night I'm talking about. I put the Placebo version in too as they remind me of the 90s indie child rebelliousness we all had.

20th Century Boy by T. Rex on Grooveshark20th Century Boy (Placebo) by 20th Century Boy (Placebo) on Grooveshark

Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Price's Summertime is essential to my summer. We don't get many sunny days in Scotland so we have to make the best of them and this is part if my sunshine playlist. It's kind of the same thing at Christmas - It's not Christmas until Noddy Holder screams it and Die Hard is on telly. Summer isn't summer without this track and Boom Shake the Room wouldn't go a miss either.

Summertime by Will Smith on Grooveshark

Let's get a bit soppy for a moment. This is our song, we danced together for the first time to it and it pretty much sums up how we feel.

Everything by Lifehouse on Grooveshark

DeVotchKa came in to my life in late 2005 when I heard How it Ends in the trailer for Everything is Illuminated and I went on an internet treasure hunt to find out what/who it was. Much to my joy they did a lot of work on the soundtrack for Little Miss Sunshine with Michael Danna - both these movies are also two of my favourites and Everything is Illuminated is also a fantastic and beautiful book you should read.

I've also added We're Leaving as it was a track they played at one of their gigs. They jumped down and in amongst us and performed it acoustically. it was and still is one the best gigs I've ever been to.

No musical journey of my life would be complete without Bon Jovi. I have loved them since I can remember and they have been there through thick and thin. Many a day has been spent singing/screaming a long to Jon Bon.

Raise Your Hands by Bon Jovi on Grooveshark

I also wanted to add this little video.

It's my wee brother's birthday today and we both loved Spaced, hence the DaisyBisley name. He's 26 years young today and the sun is shining - so get Jazzy Jeff on and have a great day bruv!


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