31 May 2013

Liebster Award

Woke up today to a lovely message from Dani at The Stay at Work Housewife who has kindly nominated me for a Liebster Award. My first ever blogging award! Liebster is a German word that means dearest or beloved and is an unofficial award given to up and coming bloggers with under 200 followers by fellow bloggers. It's a way to pay it forward and I'm over the moon that Daisy Bisley has been noticed and nominated, so now it's my turn to pay it forward.

Here are the basic rules for being nominated:
  •  Share 11 random facts about yourself
  •  Answer the 11 questions the blogger who nominated you asked
  •  Create 11 questions to ask the 11 people you nominate
  • Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and let them know they’ve been nominated

11 Random Facts about me:

I'm rubbish at maths // One of my dreams, since childhood is to swim with dolphins // I love elephants and have my own herd // I once sold Terrence Stamp a DVD //  I have a fear of werewolves // I'm an obsessive Lord of the Rings fan // I love Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry and Hanna Barbera cartoons  // One day I will go to Africa and see an elephant in the wild  //  I've almost completed my Disney Classics collection - only 4 to go // I have 1 brother and 17 first cousins  //  The best pizza I've ever eaten was in Cetraro, Itlay

My herd
And my answer to Dani's questions: 

What is your favorite movie?
This is a very difficult one to answer for me as I'm a huge movie nerd, but I think one of my favourites that I've watched recently is Little Miss Sunshine. 

Why did you start a blog?
I started DaisyBisley to share my design work and updates, but since I started the Blog Everyday in May challenge it's become more than that. It's a chance for me to connect with new people, learn and engage.

Who has had the biggest influence on your life?
My parents and family.

Would you rather be hot or cold?
As a pale, red haired Scot I struggle with the heat, I'm built for the cold. Think it's my ancient Scandinavian roots.

If you could give yourself, 10 years ago, advice what would you say?
Do something that scares you once in a while and step out of you comfort zone. Try something new and don't be afraid to be yourself!

Name one small thing you do for yourself that brightens your day.
Taking time out to read really relaxes me, or if it's sunny I'll head out for a walk.

What is one dream you hope to achieve in your lifetime?

Ever since I was 8 or 9, whenever it was The Lion King came out, I've been obsessed with Africa's wildlife and have dreamt of one day going there to see it.

If you could be an animal for a day, what kind of animal would you be?
I think I'd like to be an eagle or a dolphin, or maybe a combination of both so I can fly and be an awesome swimmer.

Has anyone ever told you that you look like a celebrity, if so, who?
I answered this one in a post a few days ago. I'm still sticking to it - A lovely old lady and a lookee-likey generator both said I looked like Rita Hayworth.

Name one bad habit you have.
I'm a bit of a procrastinator and can be a bit messy!!

What do you hope to achieve with your blog?
I hope to connect with new people and make bloggy friends. I also want to get my work out there too as I hope to make DaisyBisley a successful design shop.

Here are my list of nominees:
Am Bothan
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The Social Exchange
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And their questions:
1.  What is your favourite book?
2.  What's the one city you've always wanted to visit?
3.  What are you're top 3 albums of all time?
4.  Why did you start blogging?
5.  Star Trek or Star Wars?
6.  What's your favourite blog at the moment?
7.  What's your favourite recipe?
8.  If you could learn a new skill what would it be?
9.  If you could invent anything you want, what would it be?
10.  Favourite TV show of all time?
11.  If this character was a real person, what fictional chracter would be your best friend?

Many thanks to Dani again for nominating me, you've really made my week!!

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