12 May 2013

Best Days of Our Lives?

There is a time when your parents say that school is "the best days of your life" and at that time you'll most likely reply with "yeah right!"

Well, when that day finally comes and you leave school/uni behind, you'll realise that maybe they were right.

Missing school happens most when the big, grown up things start to happen - your first "real" job, being unemployed, trying for a mortgage! It's missing how straight forward things used to be; get up, go to school, come home, eat, bed, repeat. I know in between all that there's friendship, laughter, happiness, fall outs and tears, but still there was a structure and a plan!


I think I'm feeling it more recently as I'm working from home a lot and having to create my own structure. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'm getting there though and in a way all this blogging is helping. It's given me something to focus on first thing in the morning to get the creative ball rolling. Even the topics I thought I'd struggle with - words and thoughts are pouring out of me!


The creativeness is also something I've been missing. In school and uni it flowed from me and I always did well. However in the last few years I've felt creatively dried out and have found it difficult to get projects started - once I get going I'm ok, but grasping that initial idea has been hard.


Now I feel it all coming back to me. It's a mix of things that have happened over the last few months I think, that are finally pushing me down the right path. It's a great feeling to finally have.

I'll always miss school, but now I'm truly on my way to building my own solid structure, decided on be me - not a teacher, a job or even a project - Just me!


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