8 May 2013

A Little Piece of Advice

Day 8 and the blogging prompt for today is A Piece of advice you have for others. I don't consider myself to be all that wise, but here goes.

I'm writing this to my 16 year old self and there's so much I would say. Work harder at school, the answers to my maths exam
, don't date that guy. Above all that though, I think the one piece of advice I would give my self would be to care a little less.

I know that sounds cruel, but what I mean is care a little less about what people might think. I used to care a lot - too much about what people thought of me, I guess all teenagers do. If I had really taken this advice to heart it would have made me more confident and out going. I was soooo shy - I hated it!

I'm still pretty shy and the thought of giving presentations or talking in front of groups larger than 5 stills scares me, so being more confident or putting myself out of my comfort zone during school might have made things a bit easier for me now.

So putting that into words, my advice is: Do something that scares you once in a while and step out of you comfort zone. Try something new and don't be afraid to be yourself!

Now I'm off to take my own advice and watch a werewolf movie.


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