17 May 2013

Me, Me, Me...

I missed yesterday - Bad ME!! Speaking of me, Day 17 of the challenge is to pick our favourite pic of ourselves and explain why.

This has to be my favourite picture of myself as it shows off my wild side. How free spirited I am, taking on witches, Will O' the Wisps and even bears. All in a day's work!

I'm just joking {wish I wasn't}. I keep getting told that I look like Merida and truthfully, being the Disney/Pixar freak that I am, I take it as a BIG compliment. I still regret not moving to Orlando to become a full time Disney Princess, but there are some things I'll just have to live with.

Anyhoo, this is my favourite photo of myself. It was taken on a night out where we collectively realised we were the oldest folk in the club when a 19 year old was crying in the bathroom because, and I quote, she was "too old!" We were out celebrating a 29th so we were, as you can imagine unimpressed with this whining teenager and quickly exited to dance like the nutters we are to tunes from our own whinging youth - it was the indie floor playing "classics" by Oasis and Blur!


I'll admit I was a bit tipsy so I was a little less uptight about my photo being taken. For that reason it could be said, worryingly,  that this is the real me as I'm not trying my best to hide from the camera.

I thought I'd share this one too as it turns out there are only two photos in existence that I am happy for the world to see. This was taken for the Gen Up programme I went on in 2011 - it's the professional headshot I would have sent to Disney for the Merida job!

< self-indulgence > I have to admit, the one thing I love about me, is my hair! < /self-indulgence >

Got any favourite pics of you?? Or are you taking part in the challenge?


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