30 August 2011

Exciting news and Nervous Days!

Haven't posted in a while due to many reasons. The main one being stressing out about an application for TRC Media's Gen Up Programme. I had to write 2 essays and spent ages on them due to the fact I hadn't written an essay in 3 years. I worte sooooo many drafts of each one and was so nervous when I handed the application in.
Anyhoo, I was called for an interview and sat in a corner rocking back and forth for the 4 days after it waiting for an answer. (Just a bit of an exaggeration!)  In the end I got a place and couldn't be more excited about starting on the 5th September. It's going to be great fun and such a great opportunity, woot!!  I've wishing for an opportuinty like this for ages now and it's finally happened, so happy! (cheesy I know, but it feels great!)

Will post a few wee bits and pieces about it if I have time over the 5 weeks the programme runs, I'll be taking up my driving lessons again at the weekend and doing some freelance while I go so it will be a busy month, but I'm not complaining :D

Another reason is due to creative block, well sort of. I've been suffering a bit from block for the past wee while, so I decided to buy a good book to help me over come it. I found The Creative Workshop by David Sherwin and from the reviews figures it was the best one. I gave the intro chapter a good read and about 2 weeks ago gave the 1st challenge a shot.
Well.....  it worked! The first challenge is to brand yourself/your company and as I was looking to redesign the Daisy*B sites I thought it was the best way to start. The book limits your brainstorming to a certain time and it really does challenge you. I came up with a new logo and font style for Daisy*B and haven't been able to stop.

 Some sketches from my 30 min brainstorm

New Daisy*B Design logo

 I've been redesigning the site for the past week and doing it all myself. I've learned how to use Serif WebPlus, furthered my knowledge of Illustrator and, most importantly, started desgning and drawing for myself again! It feels great and it couldn't have come at a better time, right before going on the training programme.

You might have noticed the new blog layout too, well this is based on the new site I'm desiging. I was going to roll out everything at once, but today I got too excited and had to get the blog done to go with this post. Properly Geeking out about it lol!

Feeling really positive about things today, which I hope will last. I also hope that this is the start of some good things for me, my business and for me & my other half... Fingers crossed

Thanks for reading