5 May 2013

Professing My Love

Todays topic has us publicly professing our love for a blogger friend or someone we know. Well I'm a little short on blogger friends at the moment {awww} as I'm still a bit new to the game, so I'm going to announce my love for someone else.

Blogging is meant to get a little bit personal once in a while, so I guess this is as good a time as any to formally introduce my other half, Peter {aka The Animator} and I'll try and lay off the cheese.

It's fair to say I love him loads, but I don't want to bang on about it so I think a good Top Ten is in order! I am completely obsessed with list writing at the moment so it all ties in nicely.

Here we go, the "Why I Love Peter" Top Ten - in no particular order:
  1. Peter is ridiculously funny and he makes me laugh on a daily basis. From voices to faces, good jokes to bad - it's all good!
  2. His passion for animation is so inspiring that it's infectious
  3. His hugs are 100% awesome - like a bear.
  4. He's a pretty good voice actor and can do great Scooby Doo and Krutsy the clown impressions. His Sean Connery isn't bad either!
  5. He is a world class Lasagne maker and makes the best in the world - fact
  6. He loves the same 80's action movies as me and we quote them often. You wanna get nuts... let's get nuts!
    {We also share a love for the works of Jason Statham!}
  7. We can have serious, intellectual conversations about The Matrix and Batman that would bore the pants off any normal human being
  8.  Occasionally he'll make up new words to songs to describe what he's doing or thinking - Note to self; record these one day
  9.  He always holds my hand when we're out for a walk - awwww
  10. He is so full of love and support for any sane or mad idea I might have

Please Note: these are just 10 of many reasons to love him ;-)


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