18 October 2010

It's Been A While...

Not posted in months, so I thought it was time for an update.

Since my last post a few things have happened. I did my 10k in an hour and a half. I was really chuffed with the time as it was my first one, so much that I've already signed up for next year lol. Can't wait!

Been sewing like a nutter the past few weeks, got more hours in the studio, which is brilliant, but also been sewing stuff at thome. I have two skirts to get finished asap which is turning out to be stressful as the Burda magazine isn't making much sense! I should really post all my sewing stuff up here, but so far its (mostly) on BurdaStyle

Will also be trying to modify a tartan skirt into a kilt for the Winter Wonderland fashion show my boss has planned in November. This has turned out to be a bit of a challenge, and even more challenging as I'm now running out of time to get it done on time!

Had a few tattoos over the last few months: Here are my newest designs

Katherine by =DaisyBisley on deviantART

Derek by =DaisyBisley on deviantART

Working on Dereks was brilliant as it was a break from triskeles and such a challenge to keep everything within the circle and get the spacing right.

Also got some design work from Epilepsy Scotland. I've designed the poster for their 3rd annual Ladie's Lunch on the 7th Nov. The posters will be going up in the Glasgow Subway so can't wait to see them when they go up!

And finally... exciting news for myelf and Peter. We've finally got our website up and running. We also have a blog, twitter and facebook page, please have a look! We'll be posting a lot of stuff on the blog about what we're excited about, what we're up to etc and we'd love it if you followed it.

Because my graphic design etc is now under RollerTurtle, I had to change my Daisy*B Design website. Daisy*B Design is now exclusively for tattoo design work, although I do think I'll add other services in the future, maybe sewing or baking who knows. For now though its tattoos only. I've also updated the colour scheme as black and pink was getting a bit old, so its a bit brighter and more colourful now. This has also made me want to change my DA journal skin and blog, but I really dont have the time at the moment. Keeping on top of all this web presence stuff is hard work lol!

Will probably start keeping better track of things now (hopefully). This is my design blog and shall be used for creative things, the other one, Daisy*B will be for everyday things and Tumblr is for inspirational images & stuff of that nature!
But then again it may all end up in a jumble again, lol. Wish me luck in my new organisation mission!

Once again, Thanks for reading and please visit again soon!