4 June 2011

Ice Cream, Hans Zimmer and Squirrels

Hello folks, just back from an odd trip to London to see the Royal Philharmonic's Film Music Gala. I say odd because myself and Peter spent most of the time in a trance of exhaustion from an uncomfortable bus journey overnight on the dreaded Megabus! The concert itself was amazing, the Royal Albert Hall was a beautiful building and the orchestra were incredible. However, London itself was a haze. 
When we arrived at 7am we could do nothing but walk about to kill time. So we headed to a local Sainsbury's near our Easy Hotel and sat for a while probably looking quite strange and rough to the locals. We dumped our bags in the hotel that wouldn't let us check in til 3pm and then headed out for the 5 hour wait til check in and a decent sleep. We walked around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park with Ice Cream at 10 in the morning which was lovely and relaxing UNITL... were accosted by squirrels.


The squirrels were quite intimidating and funny, they came right up to us and almost jumped up on Peter's shoulder ready to pounce on his 99 cone and run off with it! This did make us a bit freaked out and paranoid though as we were really tired and began to think the squirrels were stalking us, I'm pretty sure it was the same one that followed us all over Hyde Park.
We eventually relaxed at the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain as we lost the squirrel and fell asleep on the grass. Half an hour later I awoke to slight burning feeling on my face and realised I had not put any suncream on!!! Being Scottish and of the (slightly) ginger/fair-skinned persuasion, it is fair to say that the sun and I are not the best of friends. Of course I was lying with my head to one side and am now sunburnt down the left side of my face with a lovely white streak where my glsses were,  thank God the Albert Hall was dark.

So we eventually were allowed into the hotel where we got a couple of hours sleep and then right back out again to the Albert Hall. It's such an amazing building and I really fell in love with it, especially the ceiling.

The orchestra were great, it all sunk in when they played te main theme to Gladiator as the brass section was AMAZING lol! Got a bit teary eyed when they played the Out of Africa theme too it was just incredible, we both loved it.
So now we're back home very tired, but having to dive straight back into work mode as we both have projects to be getting on with.
The most exciting email awaited me as I got back. My Tattoo Me design was put up for scoring on Threadless while I was away, pretty excited to see how it goes. You can see and vote for the design by clinking the linkydoo below or the button on the side bar.

Score this design: "Tattoo Me," to help it get printed on Threadless!

Thats about it from me for today, I'm off to get  caught up on some work and maybe some sleep lol!
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diannajessie said...

I do like your designs, fantastic tattoos. And your t-shirt - I hope you win, it looks fab!

Daisy*Bisley said...

Thanks :D