18 July 2013

Sunny Day Tunes

Well I did it. I was failing miserably with my Weekly Wishes challenge this week, which is fine because there's so much running around my noggin right now, but today I was determined to get my ass in the pool. So at 2pm this afternoon my ass was indeed in the local pool!

Peter's car's flat tyre shenanigans have had me giving him a bright and early lift in to work the last couple of days which has been surprisingly enjoyable. I'm not sure if it's strange or weird, but I love to drive, especially on sunny days and nothing beats the morning air on a sunny day. On the way in to Glasgow I decided to stay and have a wander. I've been in desperate need of a new bra for this wedding and had been putting it off for ages. I know you feel my bra shopping pain ladies and know why I was putting it off. Well, I was successful in my bra hunting and also managed to pick up my little prezzie for the Snail Mail Collective as well as a couple of goodies for my very first giveaway -woots!
After my epic bra hunt in Glasgow I left the flat for the short walk to the pool. I was missing some essential Sunny Day Tunes and thought of what I could put in a playlist for my work later. My lack of tunes was rubbed in my face when the guy in the lane next to me had an mp3 player and headphones attached to the back of his goggles! Technology has amazed me again! How did this happen? When did this happen? Where do I get one? Has anyone else seen this?

Shocked and amazed by modern technolgy I enjoyed my first swim in a year, all the time pondering where I could get a waterproof mp3 player and headphones. Would they make me swim more? I wonder...

After about 45 minutes of Swondering (swimming and wondering- get me, new word) I remembered I still have a wedding card to finish and got my ass out of the pool for the walk home. There was a slight detour on the way home as a Weekly Wishes reward was in order so I stopped off for a 99, well deserved I thought. For my international buddies that don't know what a 99 is, it's a vanilla ice cream cone with a chocolate Flake stuck in. It's incredibly yummy and essential for summer survival! I'm so lucky we live two minutes from the best ice cream place in town, it's pretty much why we bought the flat.
So anyway the main point of this post was to talk about some good tunes for sunny days and to share my favourite playlist with you. It's a nice mix of chilled and fun songs to sing along to in the sun. I hope you enjoy :)

What's your favourite summer tune? Tell us all about it in the comments, super cheesy tracks are always welcome!


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