13 July 2013

Finds of the Week - Fun in the Sun

So today is going to be a fun day, the sun is shining, taking Peter and is brother in law axe throwing {yes, I said axe throwing} and tonight there are rumoured plans of a wee night oot with Peter's sister while he attends a stag do. I may share some of our weekend axe throwing/partying antics next week, but for now I thought I'd share some of my favourite finds from the web. I'm feeling a theme today - the sun is shining in Glasgow right now for some "taps aff" weather so it's only right that today's theme should be summer. Enjoy!

Umbrellas In Portugal
I saw this pic last year, but was reminded of it by Jen at Red Parka. I love how summery it feels and the guy on the left is just living it up.

Liz Clements Illustration
Liz Clements' work always takes my breathe away! The way she illustrates her hair especially is just beautiful. Her work is always so full of movement and is so fluid, I love it. Love her subtle use of colour too, nice and fresh for summer palettes. -Love, love, love!

Freya Illustration

This is a sweet little print available over at Freya Illustration perfect for the summer. It's fun and so colourful it just brings a smile to my face :) Who doesn't feel like taking a little bike ride in the sun?

That's my quick summer finds for the day, now I'm off to watch the ther half throw an axe - here's hoping he hits the target! I'll leave you with a pic that I took whilst on holiday in the Canaries a few years ago - it's a go to pic when I need to image a calm and sunny place and is one of my favs.

Thanks for reading - now get outside and have some fun in the sun.

Corralejo Beach by DaisyBisley

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