16 July 2013

A Positive Step Forward - Trying New Things

Axe Throwing This weekend we took a trip to Cumbernauld's Outdoor Centre with Peter's sister and Brother in Law. We celebrated the boys' 30th back in April and they both received vouchers from a friend who thought they needed some axe throwing in their lives. An unusual gift I know, but they're usually the best kind.

So off we went not knowing what to expect, happy the sun was out and the feeling of a good day ahead of us. We were expecting a small axe, maybe like a tomahawk, but instead were greeted with a large, frightening double edged beast. They guys' eyes lit up at the chance to feel like Viking warriors, or in Peter's case, axe wielding Roman gladiator.

Axe Throwing - Try Something New

Axe Throwing - Try Something New

As Lucia and I watched on with a hint of jealously wanting to channel our inner Xena, Peter and Johnny were shown the axe lobbing ropes and started to take it more seriously. Peter was especially, frighteningly good at it and I say frightening due to his laid back approach - casually strolling to the line, throwing with ease and hitting the bullseye.

We all had a great morning, the guys feeling more manly and us girls proud although slightly worried our gardens would be turned in to practice ranges. It just goes to show how trying something new can set up a whole day of fun and positivity.

Axe Throwing - Try Something New

Our weekend and my 30 before 30 list have really brought this to the forefront this week. I've already done some pretty cool things in my life and it's important to keep that going. We should all strive to shake things up once in a while, try something new or even better, something that scares us.

One of the things I'm most proud of on my list was riding a rollercoaster, something I had been terrified of since before I can remember. A couple of summers ago we all went to Alton Towers and I made a deal with myself to go on Nemesis, one of those suspended ones that freaked me out the most.

We spent almost two hours in that queue for Nemesis. Two hours of my heart in my throat, hands sweating and shaking and the gut instinct to bolt! Eventually we got to the station, my gut is churning and I'm squeezing the life out of Peter's hand. I get in the car, feet not touching the ground. I'm about to get up and run away when BAM the restraint comes down and we're moving.

Now you'd think the clanking of the chain lifting the cars was the worst sound, but it wasn't. It was the silence and intake of breathe right before the freefall. It was like slow motion until gravity took hold and we were off.

The whole thing was a blur and over in two minutes, but something happened I never thought possible. The car stopped in the station and I yelled "AGAIN!" like a three year old. It's ridiculous, but it felt so liberating, I had conquered a fear.

I'm still no rollercoaster junkie and definitely prefer wooden dippers to crazy corkscrew things, but I did something new and scary that I'd do again in a heartbeat.

So get out there, try something new or conquer a fear, its one hell of a feeling! If you've conquered one already share in the comments and we'll all bask in your awesomeness!

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