12 July 2013

Positivity Round Up

I love a good post on positivity and how to spread it. So that's my goal with this post today - spread a little positivity around the blogosphere with some of my favourite posts on the subject. I've found myself needing a little positive boost in recent years and thanks to these ladies I'm well on my way to living a more positive and present life. These are my go to places for daily reads too, so once your done reading these awesome posts be sure to check out the awesome ladies behind them!

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Throwing Away My Bucket
Let's start with Chimerikal. This was a great post about flipping your bucket list in to a more positive and encouraging thing. Focusing solely on what you want to achieve in the, if you're like me, can make you feel like a bit of a failure if you don't start ticking things off your list. Instead celebrate the amazing things you've already accomplished. I've done this myself as part of my Weekly Wishes and it felt great. Looking back and remembering all the things I've already done is a great motivator to continue trying new and different things.

15 Tips for Being Positive
Melyssa is a highly positive gal and aims to spread that positivity around the world with her blog The Nectar Collective. I've only been reading Melyssa's posts for a couple of months now and I'm hooked. Her positive voice is infectious and has certainly played a massive part in kicking my blogging ass in to gear and thinking more positively about work and life in general. This post is full of ideas to spread positivity throughout your life in simple, but effective ways. My favourites include making a sunshine box, challenging negative thoughts with positive ones and... get a dog!

50 Simple Ways to Feel Better Right Now
Jen is an artist based in Tasmania whose work I just love. Her 50 simple ways to feel better now are fun and inspired. From as simple as drinking more water and breathing {my favourite relaxation technique that's so easily forgotten} to as fun as wearing colourful socks and having a shot on the swings in your nearest park. I did this the other day and had forgotten how magical it felt *swiiiing!
I also love Jen's post on inventing her own job. It hit the nail on the head for me in accepting the way things are with work at the moment and to push myself to work on my designs as a career. Thanks Jen!

Protecting Your Joy
I read Crystal's post Protecting Your Joy on Wednesday and loved it so much I've read it many times since! They are obvious things when you think about it and yet we all forget them. Taking the time to empathise with others who may not be having as good a day as you works wonders. Believe me there's been plenty of times I've felt less than perfect at work and been faced with greeting the public with a welcoming smile that was hard to muster. However there's always that one customer who says something nice {or just acknowledges you} that changes the rest of your day. This is my post of the week and I'll be reading it more alter :)

So those are my favourite positivity posts from the interweb at the moment. Now I think you should all spend some time reading them and getting to know the lovely ladies behind the posts. You won't be disappointed by their blogs and content they share. Thanks for reading and spreading the joy that wee bit further.

Got your own favourite posts on staying positive? Or have you written one yourself? Share them in the comments, I'd love to read them.

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