25 June 2013

To The Batcave

Way back in December last year Peter and I took our first MAJOR step in our lifetime commitment to each other and bought a hoose. Well a flat more than a hoose, a lovely flat, in fact a perfect flat that we couldn't have been more lucky/happier with. As it was empty at the time we thought it would be best to stay where we were, still at home with his parents, and work hard decorating it before we made the big move.

This worked out great as we go to plan everything we wanted to do and really make it ours - to the point where Peter {the Animator} made 3D renders so we could see what colours worked and what style we could agree on. Being the big nerds that we are, Bat freaks specifically, things were purposely influenced by our favourite vigilante and other movies/art that we love. The living room has a Tron/Matrix theme to it and the bedroom is Bat-themed. 

Interior Design Batman style
Peter's quick 3D mock up of our own Batcave
We don't have Batsigns all over the place as we wanted everything to be subtle. Our favourite comic book artist is Jim Lee and we both love his artwork so much, with Batman especially, that we had to try and work it in to our bedroom. Plus I'd been in love with grey and yellow bedrooms for months thanks to Pinterest. So we looked to Jim Lee's work for colour inspiration - this poster in particular.

Batman Jim Lee

We did pretty well I think with the bedroom colour wise. We found the perfect grey/blue for the feature wall and the perfect shades of yellow for the accents. The only thing we couldn't do was the white bedside cabinet/black lamp combo as we didn't have the space due to the odd shape of the room. Again thanks to Pinterest I found the square shelf idea and though it was pretty sweet.

Interior Design Batman style
There had to be some elephants somewhere - I love them
The only thing missing was the jewellery dish that I for some reason had become obsessed with finding. I never did find it, but once again Pinterest was at hand for inspiration. All Hail Pinterest! This tutorial instantly struck me and I had to try it last Friday. Here's the outcome.

DIY Jewllery Dish I love my new jewellery dish and feel like the room is really taking shape, plus I have a neat little place to keep my Bat jewels. We're just lacking some wall art so will eventually get some of our favourite Bat art and photos printed out, framed and hung on the walls.

We aren't completely finished the flat yet as we've only been here for five months. The hall still needs decorated, the spare room needs organised and little bits here and there need done, but we will have our nerd palace geeked up to the nines eventually and one day I'll explain the Tron/Matrix living room!

Do you have any nerdy themes in your home? I'd love to hear them. Share in the comments.


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