9 June 2013

Favourtie Tweeters

Yesterday I shared five of my favourite blogs and I thought I'd continue sharing with some of my favourite tweeters. I've been in love with Twitter for a few years now and use it to catch up on what's happening in the world of geekery, design, TV, movies and the world in general. These are a few of my favourite tweeters and they're all fabulous so I suggest you follow them.

I am a copywriter, blogger, and creative with BIG ideas! I work in digital, and love to tweet. Working on my first novel series, The Perfect Fit

Leanne is a copywriter, blogger and author working on her first novel. I first met Leanne online when I was looking for guidance on a social media job I'd started. Leanne has been a constant source of knowledge and inspiration when it comes to all things social and digital related.


 Bass player, MMA fan and proud owner of a cute (and crazy) Boston Terrier. SEO & social media doer + Natural born networker = Outreach Manager at @WeAreUpstream

Gisele is another fantastic digital, social and SEO guru to look out for online. Along with Leanne, Gisele was essential in helping me find my feet in social media and is always sharing fantastic info and content. Gisele has been an amazing source of support throughout my journey in social and blogging and I can't thank her enough.


One half of Cool Surface illustration. We draw stuff for money!

David and Sarah Cousens are the amazing artist behind Cool Surface and you may have seen their work in mags such as Digital Arts, Photoshop Creative and Imagine FX. I've been a fan of their work for years and have worked through quite a few of their tutorials in the many magazines I've bought just for their work.

  Simple wisdom for complex lives. Quotes, tips & stories to help us help ourselves and each other. 
Tiny Buddha is a fantastic source of positivity and inspiration especially when you're feeling a bit blue. They share inspirational quotes and their own posts that are written by a whole load of contributing authors. It's a fantastic intro for beginners in to the world of mindfulness too.
Thanks for checking out my favourite Tweeters, now go follow them too! Soon I'll post a favourite tee designers post featuring all the wonderful artists that I've fell in love with over the last year - so stay tuned!

If you're on Twitter feel free to leave your link in the comments so I can follow.

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