21 June 2013

Chillaxing with my Herd

As much as I hate that word, that's exactly what I'm up to this evening. Well if you count working out a new colour scheme for your whole online presence chillaxing. I've been wanting to change the colours of DaisyBisley for a while now, but didn't know what way to go. The blue/pink combo has always worked well together I think, but the shades have been wearing on me.

New Daisy B Colour Scheme
I love my little heard of elephantes

I have the new colours all picked out... they're blue and pink. A shockingly, progressive step forward in the evolution of my blog design I know. While wandering around my local craft shop this morning I spotted a beautiful shade of blue/green that just jumped out and screamed "pick me". Colour experts will probably argue it's more of a teal, but it goes fabulously with the new pink I've picked out. Will have the update done soon, probably over the next two weeks depending on work etc. Keep an eye out for the big "revamp".
{EDIT} I may actually get it all done tonight as I feel like staying up now I'm in the mood!

My chillaxing tunes to update colour schemes to:
(I'll stop saying chillax now I promise)


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