8 June 2013

Five Favourite Blogs

One of the Everyday in May topics that I missed was to post a list of my favourite blogs and I thought that it was a good time to catch up. My list is a mix of friends, blogging idols and blogs I visit regularly for inspiration and motivation. If you’re up for discovering some new bloggy friends then click through the list.

Tomorrow I'll share my favourite Tweeters, so be sure to check back.

Am Bothan

Am Bothan is written by my best bud Anna and is where she shares her adventures on the isle of Islay and other treks around Scotland.  Anna has a love of Scotland's Gaelic culture and heritage and you can't help but feel a wee twinge of healthy patriotism when you read her posts. Plus there is always a beautiful pic involved showcasing just what a beautiful country we live in. Tapadh leibh Anna!

"I have personal and professional interests in the field of culture-heritage and like nothing more than discussing and sharing ideas on both culture and heritage with others. Further interests you might come across here include: archaeology, handcrafts, music and landscapes."


Bake Good

Another talented friend of mine, Kirsty is the author of new blog Bake Good. For years Kirsty has been treating the world to her baked goods and in high school we all got fantastically designed birthday cakes {two of mine were Lord of the Rings and Linkin Park; nom, nom nom} that tasted equally amazing. In Bake Good Kirsty shares some of her favourite recipes from her many cook books, some of which have been altered by her own expertise and know-how. I'll definitely be trying one of her recipes soon.

"I hope to share some of my favourite recipes, whilst also pushing myself to try out bakes I have never attempted before (mostly bread) as well as working my way through the backlog of cookbooks I have piling up on my shelves that I haven’t baked nearly enough from!"


Julie Ann Art

Julie Ann Art is a wonderful blog that I found while trying to find an anniversary card for Peter. I fell in love with Julie Ann's cards instantly and check the blog daily for news and new designs. Julie Ann has also played a massive role in inspiring me in my plans for taking DaisyBisley to the next level, so if you're reading this Julie Ann, thank you.

"Julie Ann Art is a lifestyle blog with a focus on self employmentindie business tips, and DIY tutorials. Here, Julie discusses the challenges and successes she faces while pursuing her small business full-time. She takes great pride in the content of my blog and hope readers are left feeling creative and inspired. Her blog has become her creative outlet, where she can not only document all of her ideas, inspirations, and handmade projects, but share them with other crafty nerds like herself!"


Nectar Collective

Melyssa at The Nectar Collective is my newest blogging idol. I love her posts on positivity and creativity and I do hope to one day have a blog as awesome and inspiring as hers. Melyssa has such a unique voice that keeps you reading and coming back for more. Nectar Collective is full of laughs and a variety of posts. Personal favourites are "Musings by Monja" - Posts by Melyssa's cute corgi and "Japan: the Good; the Bad and the Bizarre" - a collection of good, bad and strange things about living in Japan. Now that I'm venturing out in to self employment, Nectar Collective has become a daily stop for me to find positivity and inspiration when I need it most.

"I will share anything I can that makes me come alive, and that I think might help you, too – DIY projects to get your hands moving, advice to help you become your best self, recipes to reconnect you with the wonderful creativity in cooking, photos and stories from adventures all over the world, and anything else to help you learn, grow, experience, and create."


Story of my Life

 Now that we're talking about inspirational blogs, I feel I have to share Story of my Life. Those of you that took part in the Blog Everyday in May challenge already know Jenni and her beautiful blog. Those of you that don't I urge you to head over for a nosey. Jenni writes about life, fashion, blogging and her photography. If it wasn't for Jenni and her blogging challenge I wouldn't be here finally getting stuck in to my blogging dreams of world domination! Thank you Jenni.

"I run this blog and my photography business for a living in Austin, TX. I love what I do and where I live, and I'm grateful I can say that. Writing and photography and social media truly are my passion in life."
Thanks to all on the list for inspiring me to be a better blogger and setting me on the right track to achieving my goals. Oh and please check back tomorrow when I'll share my favourite Tweeters.


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