24 June 2013

Weekly Wishes #2

Weekly Wishes
No, my weekly wish isn't to smooch the face of Batman, although if the Animator and I could recreate this as our wedding photo that would be all kinds of awesome! My weekly Wish last week was to write a review for the Batman comic series Hush. Well I failed. Not completely, I have started it and written my intro, but as for the complete review - nopers!

The problem is that I forgot how long the series is and Peter has the giant hardcover version which is soooo beautiful that it makes me paranoid to handle it. I've also been working a lot in the theatre and wasn't able to take it with me. Look at me making excuses! I will have it done by next week though, promise.

This week's wishes:

Obviously finish my review, but I'd also like to add this cool little addition to my repertoire of skills »
RC car shell design. A while ago a friend of ours asked me to draw out some body work for an RC car he was going to paint for his Dad. I had never done anything like this before so was willing to give it a go. It was so much fun and I came up with a pretty bad ass tribal design for it if I do say so myself. I never saw the finished paint job as it was a gift, but I'm getting to relive the fun this week. Yesterday I was asked for a duplicate of the design so I'm drawing it all out again to get it finished for Saturday. Here's a peek. 

Illustration by DaisyBisley

This time I'm going to ask for a couple of pics of the finished paint job. Our RC mad friend Iain has mad skills with an airbrush, turning out some incredible paint jobs on these cars so I'm really hoping to see this one all finished. We are also hoping *ahem* for an invite to an RC race to see these bad boys in action. 

My other non-design realted wish is to practice mindfulness for at least five minutes every day before I work on my review or the tattoo commission I'm working on at the moment to try and boost my creativity. Okay so that's almost non-design related.

This week's highlights :

In order to continue on the positive track that Melyssa over at Nectar Collective has started me on it would be a cool idea to share three of my highlights from the week. A way to keep the happy and positive things in mind when it comes to dealing with Monday morning. Here goes; 

1.  On Friday I had a race with a plane. I was driving alongside the airport when I saw a plane lining up for takeoff. I watched with the excitement of a five year old as it sped up, over took me and lifted those lucky folk off on their holidays. 

2.  An exciting project is in the works with my best bud Anna over at Am Bothan, hoping to get stuck in to that by the end of this week.

3.  I found two new shoots on my peace lily - this confirms I am not killing it! *celebratory air punch*

What are your Weekly Wishes and highlights? Join the link up over at The Nectar Collective.


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