23 September 2013

Weekly Wishes #12

Weekly Wishes 12

I'm feeling flowery today as all of my plants are still ALIVE! So far I am succeeding in keeping my two orchids, three succulents, lucky bamboo and peace lily alive - I was sure I would have killed by them by now. One of my little succulents is now big enough that I'm thinking Peter and I may get away without a Christmas tree, we could just sling some little fairy lights on it and BOOM - Christmas sorted!

So it's Monday and that means that its Weekly Wishes time in which we all link up over at The Nectar Collective and share what our hopes and goals are for the coming week. Last week I had a little list:
  • Send off everything required for my top secret project
  • Write some postcards to three lovely ladies, Melyssa, Crystal and Erika, to express my gratitude to them
  • Tick off everything on my freelance to do list
  • Send off my giveaway goodies to the lovely Nicole 

How did I do? Well everything for the top secret project has been sent (more on that next month) and all of my giveaway prizes were posted too. As for the others, there was no way I was going to be able to tick everything off my freelance list, but I knew that. I put it there to get my ass moving!

For the postcards - sorry ladies they haven't been sent yet, but there's good reason. Instead of postcards I am making up some gratitude packs for you. I'll hopefully have them all put together at some point in the next fortnight so keep an eye out! 

This week is an exciting one. I only went and got myself a new shiny job! Yuppers I'm finally going back to a full time job but this time it's a design one and I'm so happy! My new title? Design Executive - how sweet is that?!

Although I can't wait to get started yesterday I had a bit of a freak out. How am I meant to keep the house tidy and still enjoy a full weekend?! How is that done? How do you cope? Then came the list making frenzy. Peter, being the ever supportive hero of my need to list and chart everything, has agreed to a daily routine that I have typed up, printed and now stuck on the fridge - we do a room a day leaving the weekend for nothing but relaxing/designing/gaming. Just ten minutes a day when we get in and that's it, easy enough? I hope so.

So this week's wishes are that I don't suck tomorrow on my first day, a new early morning routine kicks in and sticks quickly and that our house work chart goes well. I also plan to continue checking things off my freelance list so I can get more organised there and really start to get the freelance/work/free time balance sorted. That last one is going to be tough for the next few months, but as always, I'll keep on plugging through it and get it done.

Have you joined up with Melyssa's Weekly Wishes yet? Jump one over and share you goals with us all and get some love!

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