12 August 2013

Weekly Wishes #9

Weekly Wishes 9
It's Monday again (so quick?) which means it's time to catch up on and make new Weekly Wishes.

Last week I wanted to check off everything on my to do list. How did I do? I did ok, I got most things checked off with a few still to do, but I'll add them on to this week's list. As for my Blogilates and Arm challenge I'm still doing pretty well. I've hit a wall a couple of times, but kept going and battled on. I'm not going to lie, I'm really proud of myself with this. I have never keep fitness promises going for longer than two or three days in a row, but right now I'm on day 9 of my Blogilates Beginners Calendar and day fifteen of my arm challenge!! DAY 15!!! I couldn't be doing it with all the support of the ladies at #bloggersgettingfit and of course Peter who has been amazingly supportive of me, cheering me on like a drill sergeant lol!

So this week's goals are fairly similar to last week - check off the to do list and to keep my fitness challenges going. The only thing is I need to manage my time in order to fit everything in. I have three design commissions to get started on as well as a Top Secret design project on the go. Then there are a few bloggy related things going on that I want to get up and running this month. It's all go here for me and I really need to focus in order to keep everything in check while at the same time trying not to juggle too many balls.

How do you lovely folks keep on top of your busy schedules? Any advice would be really appreciated! Although I feel like things are starting to pile up I also have a sneaky suspicion that things may finally be happening for the good in my design work, could it be true? I certainly hope so.

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