9 August 2013

Snail Mail Collective

I was sitting at my desk wanting to a write a flying by the seat of my pants type post when there was droppage from the letterbox. Huzzah! My Snail Mail Collective parcel had made its way across the Atlantic (or Pacific if the postie was taking the long way round) and arrived safely! These are my goodies from Seattle

Snail Mail Collective

I was paired with Ashley who along with her husband Brian write the beautiful blog A and B C the World. If you love travel and stunning photography then I suggest you go and have a nosey around the blog. Ashley and Brian have filled their space on the web full of beautiful images that certainly bring out the wanderlust in me. Their recent trip to Long Beach had me seriously craving a sunny beach and a break from our not so sunny weather here in Scotland.

It was brilliant getting to know Ashley and having a shiny new pen pal! I can't wait to see more of her amazing posts, images and video shares - A and B C the World is now my go to place on the net for a cyber-vacation, if there is such a thing lol!

 Here are three of my favourite posts:
Wanderlust Wednesday: San Diego California
Video Voyagism: Driven to Explore
Will You...

All you romantics out there will especially love that last one!
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