22 August 2013

Favourite Scottish Words with Jenny

So here we are Jenny and I celebrating our favourite Scottish words. Mine are over on Jenny's blog and Jenny has kindly shared her particularly hilarious selection here. I've been howling with laughter at these as they are all great words and phrases, but I had them on my huge list that I narrowed down for my post. Great minds eh! I'll let you get cracking in on these and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Over to Jenny.


Awrite Everybody?

As part of my sponsor swap with Claire, we decided we should give you some insight into our national language. There aren't many Scottish bloggers that I've met, so it was fun to get the chance to do this. I hope you can find a way to use THESE words in everyday life - I know I do.

It's a brilliant word to describe a flippin' idiot. Doesn't it just sound extra insulting?

Falling down drunk or wasted. For an accurate visual- watch this; it's a cracker

This one's certainly a cracker. It's what we call a cast for broken bones. I find that I have to stop myself using this word here in Barbados because they look at me like I'm speaking Double Dutch or something

The CH in keech would be pronounced  from the throat like Loch. It means poop. I.e. I've gone and got dog keech stuck to the sole of my shoe!

Wheesht essentially means shut up. For example 'wheesht a minute - can't you see I'm on the phone?'

A name commonly used to refer to children, for example your grandmother might tell your mom that it's been ages since she's seen 'the wain' meaning you. If you're a female you'll also hear the word 'Hen' a LOT. Especially from nice wee old ladies, they use it as a pet name;'Thanks Hen!'

If you or your other half support Arsenal, you should be familiar with this word. It means to get badly beaten. For example; the 'Gers got a complete gubbing today, it was 4-0 to Celtic.
[Rangers and Celtic are 2 of Scotland's most well known teams, whose fans often have deep hatred for each other]

Snappy, grumpy and a general party pooper. ^ This guy is a crabbit geezer!

Well that's all my favorite words..
Now Here's Some Bonus Phrases!

Get It Right Up Ye! - Can be used when someone pisses you off.

Nae Bother Pal! Means no worries friend, use it instead of you're welcome

Away and Run Up My Humph! - Get Lost!

Well how'd you enjoy our patter? I love our unique dialects and words, don't you? If you know any awesome dialectal words (from yours or ours) leave them in the comments box below.

If you want to check out Claire's version, pop on over to my blog!

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( not for those who don't like cursing though)

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