1 August 2013

Small Business inspiration - Ink+Smog Editions

I've been designing various things for folk for years now, but I never put much thought in to making a career out of it. Recently however, I've found myself in a pretty cool place - Finally knowing what I want from my designs. I've thought about designing cards for a while now, but never thought it possible. When I got asked to design a friend's wedding invite a while ago I was excited and loved the process of it, just to be a part of such an important day felt amazing. A few lovely bloggers had said that my deisgns were great and I should really think about pursuing the greetings card idea. However, it still didn't click until I started designing two wedding cards at the end of May, one for Joni and Joe and one for Peter's cousin Ermanno and his new wife Rebecca. What a buzz there was doing it and now I know I can do this!

So now it's a case of finding and evolving in to the type of business I want to be and for that I've been looking for inspirational folk to learn from. There are so many talented artists out there that inspire me and one day I hope to find myself among the ranks of these incredible people. So without further ado I want to introduce one of my most recent finds:

Ink + Smog Editions

I came across Ink + Smog through Julie Ann Art (who I will definitely be blogging about in the future). I was on Rosemary and Robin's Etsy store for five minutes before I decided I HAD to have something of theirs in our home! I have a gallery planned for our hallway and I'll be framing these cards up to be part of it.

Ink + Smog Editions
The thing that struck me most when my parcel arrived was how personal it felt. Each card had a little bit of history and information with it including how it was made and what from. I loved this idea and have never had anything like it before. It makes you as a customer feel valued and a bit special and is definitely something that I appreciate.

Ink + Smog Editions

Ink + Smog Editions
The cards themselves just make me think of summer and as we have very short summers in Scotland (usually, I don't know what the hell's going on this year) bright colours are something I find myself craving. I also want our home to have a bright fun feel and getting that across in the art we have is perfect for two folk who appreciate all things creative!

Ink + Smog Editions
I've worked in customer service in some way or another since I was 16 and although I've moaned in the past about it there is nothing better than putting a smile on someone's face with something you have done. This is why I really loved the postcard that came with my cards. The fact that Rosemary and Robin took the time to write a short note especially for me meant the world. My inner customer service geek, yes that is a thing, was smiling from ear to ear.  I truly hope that when I get my own store sorted I can make my customers feel as special as Rosemary and Robin made me. Thanks so much guys and I'll be posting pics of our finished gallery when I finally paint the hall!

You can find Ink + Smog here:


No go check out their links and get some Ink + Smog goodies for your home - their cards are too pretty to give away!

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