21 January 2010

Sewing time...


Back again,
and this time with some sewing. I've been doing a sewing class for a while now and for the first project I was making a 1950's style dress complete with petticoat. Here are some photos of the finished dress:

It turned o
ut really well, a wee bit baggy, but that was because of a mistake woth seam allowances at the beginning. I think if I made it again I would make the bodice more fitted.
The next project was a pair of trousers, which I really wanted to make out of tweed, but the tweed was so expensive in Mandors. They are now made of a linen blend and are very light so I don't think I'll be wearing them any time soon lol! I haven't got any pictures yet, but I'll get them up as soon as I do.
For my third project I'm planning on making a shirt for my boyfriend, so we're off to Glasgow next week to get him some material!

In my spare time though, I've been making bags and brooches:

And now for my greatest
sewing achievement yet... The Goonies bag! Oh I love it! I've had this Goonies Tshirt for years and grew out of it a long time ago. I kept it though so I could one day turn it into a bag and that day has finally come lol! I've put a few pics in cos I'm so proud of it hee hee :P

Hope you like!
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