20 January 2010

Newest Work...

Okily Dokily.

So I thought for a catch up, I'd post my latest works. Going to do it in bits and pieces cos I've done quite a bit since I last blogged properly so 1st is the DC piece that I blabbed on about ages ago, that never got finished. Well guess what... I finished it... sort of.
nstead of one big piece I did them individually. Then because I had so much fun I added a few extra to make it a "Favourite Ladies" series. I hope to continue this series on and off for as long as I feel like doing it, but I'll post up the first few just now.

1st up is Harley and Ivy

y my 2 most favourite DC ladies.

Next is Batgirl and Lois

Huntress and Catwoman

l and Wonder Woman

I will hopefully get them altogether in a collective piece, but as of yet I've not done it lol.

Anyways, I hope you like my Favourite DC Ladies and I'll add the extras later, for now though...
Thanks for reading

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