21 January 2010


Ok, so here is some more work.

After finishing the DC Ladies, I got a bit inspired and felt like doing some more so I made a list and picked the ones I wanted to do most, with a view to continue my list whenever I had time, I still have the list and will hopefully start to check Ladies off once I get some more spare time to do my own thing.

So, first on my list was Sleeping Beauty.

Possibly my favour
tie of the Disney Princess, in the blue dress of course, cos the pink is not so nice! I see you get the reversible dresses now for wee girls, why we didn't have that when I was wee I don't know! I would love to make the dress once my dressmaking skills are better lol!

Next I did Ariel from the Little Mermaid

I was quite c
huffed with this one as it turned out really nice, esp love the texture I put on the rock! Wheee Happy me!

Next up was kick ass Alice from Resident Evil. I know these movies get a lot of flack, but nothing will take my love of Milla (and her costumes) away lol!
I did the Resident Evil: Extinction costume for the sole reason of absolutely loving her boots! (no pun intended)
I tried to buy a pair very similar, but unfortunately the company don't ship outside the US.
Anyway, here she is

So thats it for now from the Favourite Ladies series. I do hope to add Belle, Ugly Betty and Rogue... one day!

Thanks for reading

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