27 June 2009

New Job & Big Post...

So I've been working away on my new freelance job and have finished the first pieces. They're for a poster that will go in the window of the Print Centre, Paisley.
The print company I work for were looking for someone who could do photo-manipulations in an Anne Geddes sort of style. As in babies and flowers. Obviously I'm not near her standard, but with practice & time I could be.

Anyways I've been doing tutorial after tutorial in Photoshop to get better and at the same time working away. So here are the 5 final images:

The idea is that when a customer would like a canvas printed of their baby in a flower, they can pick one of 5/6 flowers, send me the baby image and I manipulate the photograph to fit within the flower.

I'm actually really excited about it cos its finally my start in digital art as freelance work. A year after graduating I finally get a break, even if its a small one, its still a break :D

I'm still lacking that confidence in my own work at times tho, but because of all the tutorials I'm doing I can feel wee bits of confidence slipping in as well as some pride in my own work. Something I've not felt before in self motivated piece
s. Yes I knew I was good at art etc in school and Uni, but when you get out of that comfort zone and into the big bad world the competition & quality is so high, you can get very scared. Not to mention looking at other artists work can be daunting and off putting. But now I'm beginning to think "I can do this" and instead of being put off and intimidated I'm thinking "right, how did they do that and how can I achieve something of that standard"
Anyways, I'm really hoping it takes off and I can get more work because of it!

At the moment I'm working on a vector image of Bumblee (the lovely yellow Camaro) from Tranformers! I've been seeing all these vehicle vectors on Deviant Art. I absolutley love them and had to try one. So stay tuned, I'll be posting it soon!
Here's a wee snippet of Bumblebee's progress:

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