2 February 2009

My First Post...

Hello everyone, I am new to Blogger and Blogs in general. I’ve got a website, but its nothing too impressive and I’m trying to redesign it at the moment (along with tonnes of other projects bustling around my brain lol!)
I’m 23 and live in Renfrew, Scotland. I finished Uni in May where I studied Animation and Digital Art. It was fun, but stressful and made me realise what I really want to do in life…. Make things.
I’ve been crafting since I was born, making things from ripped wrapping paper, sellotape and washing up liquid bottles. Now I try almost everything from traditional arts, knitting, ATC’s, jewellery making & card making to Digital art and animation.

I was recently commissioned to design a tattoo based on a triskele design. I also designed a tattoo for my cousin which is inspired by a celtic knot and some Japanese floral designs. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed the process and it is n
ow permanently inked on someones skin forever =)

I’ll use this blog to show my art and crafty bits that I make, but I also want to post a pic of this…

The 1960 Singer 201k that my boyfriends, Mum is letting me use to start sewing. Its beee-yoooo-teee-fool =D

Please visit back for more updates on my arts and crafts

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Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Welcome to blogland, you will love it, I am fairly new also.
I have just watched "The bucket list" not a great movie but I have decided that I want a tattoo before I die...I'm 64 now so perhaps I should do it soon so I can enjoy it.
Thanks for visiting my blog I will now look at your website