3 March 2009

Working away!...

So i took all the photos of my new pieces and got them all into the computer and realised that they are all to dark and can't be brightened or touched up without ruining them. So... i'll need to take all the photos again...sigh!
Anyways, i've been trying to work on the Poison Ivy/ Batman piece and been getting a bit frustrated with it, but i've been doing a bit of practice with my colour work all day and will do more over the next week or so, then i'll finish the piece, then onto the others.

In other news... It was my birthday on Sunday and my wonderful boyfriend Peter took me to Edinburgh zoo. It was sunny most of the time too! It was
great fun. He also cooked me Lasagne, you cant get much better than that!! =D

I love penguins, lol! they're amazing. These two were a couple of our favourites! Took tonnes of photos, these are a few of the best...

My "Cheeky Monkey" birthday cake!

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