15 June 2009


So I've had some potential good newa bout some freelance work, have a meeting today with a print company that want me to do some wartwork for them.... So excited! So I'll see how that goes today :D

Also have don
e a wee bit more of jewellery and accessory design. After trying to get a nice come for the wedding in July and discovering the one I really liked is out of stock and not likely to come back in in time, I decided to make my own.

It is made from pearl and crystal beads wrapped with silver plated wire around a metal comb. The roses are made from ivory clay and are also wrappeed woth silver plated wire. I decided to add them to my store so they can be made to order at my Misi store.
I can also make custom design to suit the individual.

Still have to sort out all my other items and get them uploaded to Misi, will be doing that soon.
Wish me luck for today!!

Thanks for reading

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