5 January 2014

A Welcome Back

My blog has been sitting here in web space unloved, but not forgotten. Life in the latter part of 2013 got a little bit crazy. My freelance work boomed, I got a full time job and keeping on top of everything burned me out a bit.

After a much needed break over Christmas and New Year I'm feeling better, calm, collected, refreshed and ready to get back in to the swing of blogging. However this time I'm changing things up a bit with my approach.

There are a few conditions that come with my new blogging mission:
1. I'm making a promise to not get angry and annoyed with myself if I don't post everyday
2. I will not give up if I feel my blog isn't as good as others
3. I'm not going to get bogged down with numbers! My blog is for me to share and express my thoughts - not to make money
4. I must go easy on myself! Take inspiration from others, not try to emulate them - to be my own bloggy self!

These conditions are a result of what added to my burning out, taking my blog far too seriously and forgetting what my initial intentions were. Always worrying about numbers, content and whether anyone was reading.

You lovely and talented folk who have blogs full of killer content, making a living from blogging amaze and inspire me, but after giving it a go, full time blogging just isn't for me. And that's ok! I've realised that doesn't make me a blogging failure.

2014 is my positive year, a year where I'll be kinder to myself. So I'm taking a more chilled out and laid back approach - I'm blogging for me and my own sanity. If I make new connections and re-connect with old ones that will be amazing, but I won't be going crazy if there's only three of you reading this, that will be fine (and hey to the three of you).

So here's to a New Year, new and refreshed blogging aspirations, to new connections and old! I hope you've all had a great holiday season. Now it's time to kick 2014 in the ass and make it a great one!

Here's one of my new favourite inspirational tunes for a kick start!


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