19 January 2014

Creative Collective #1 - My Word of 2014

Finding ways to be more creative is always a good thing and something I'm always trying to do. So when I read about Melyssa's Creative Collective idea over at The Nectar Collective I couldn't wait to get started.

Our first assignment from Melyssa was to think about the year ahead:

Think of a word that you want to focus on in 2014.
Find a piece of paper, cardboard, old pizza boxes, whatever, and write your word out. You can include photos, magazine clippings, paint splotches, random household items, or anything, really, that embodies this word to you. Make it colourful, if you like. Then hang it somewhere in your house or bedroom where it can inspire you and help you maintain your focus throughout the year.

It took a while to narrow it down to just one word, but I kept coming back to the same one - Growth.

I did a fair bit of growing last year with regards to my outlook on things, but there's still plenty to be done. I should be kinder to myself - I'm my own worst enemy and critic so it's time to let that go and be a little bit much more forgiving.

This year I'm also challenging myself to meet my fitness goals - to grow to love myself and body more. A bit mushy I know, but hey! I've got the January blues at the moment being pretty unhappy with my weight, but more importantly unhappy with how unfit I am. This must change! If I get my fitness back I'll grow healthier, more alert and more energetic - all good stuff!

With each experience we grow and I'm aiming to take on new experiences and grow and learn with each one. The Creative Collective will be a great way to get this going, get creative and connect with new bloggers - again all good stuff. 

Like I said in one of my previous posts, this is my positive year and it's time to Make it So!

Have you linked up with Melyssa's Creative Collective yet? Join in by hitting the button below and get your creative on!

The Creative Collective

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