21 August 2013

Things You Should Know

I've been seeing this post pop up all over the place and I'll be lying if I said I wasn't hoping someone would tag me in order to fulfil my nerdy need to fill in forms and Q&As! Needless to say that I was chuffed to bits when Erika and Laura both tagged me - woots!! Thank you ladies x
So here are my six things you should know.

If you could see any artist/band live which would you choose?
Music has always been pretty important to me and I have a pretty diverse taste. When I was younger I always loved The Eagles and Bon Jovi. As I grew up in to a rocking teenager I got in to the Foo Fighters. When I hit my twenties I fell in love with DeVotchKa.

These were four bands I wanted to see and over the years I've seen them all at least twice. Of all of the gigs I've been to the first DeVotvhKa gig was the best. It was in a small venue and was so intimate - the perfect atmosphere for their style of music.

I'm also a big Lifehouse fan and they are a band that connects me with Peter as we kind of bonded over them when we first started seeing each other. We always said that if they ever came back to Glasgow we'd go. This was starting to look unlikely when I was randomly reading a paper I never read and saw an ad for the following night. We got tickets and finally got to see them live and have a dance to our song! Awwww.

Which blog are you in love with that you only found out about recently?
My newest bloggy love is Melanie Fontaine. I think Melanie's blog is fantastic. It's full of beautiful photography and travel posts, including a great series on my native Scotland.
Melanie's also recently blogged about Norway and Jeez-oh the pictures were stunning! I love her enthusiasm for travel, it's infectious and will ignite the wanderlust in anyone!

What hobbies do you have that we don't know about?
For a long time I've dreamed of driving a car very fast around a track, preferably a 1960s Mustang - a 1968 GT390 to be exact! One day I'll do it, until then however I'll keep enjoying the odd trip to the Go Karting. 
I love it! There's nothing quite like driving fast around a track and although you only go about 40mph, your ass is pretty much on the ground so it feel a lot faster!

If money wasn't a problem.. what would be your dream destination?
My dream destination right now is to go to Disney World Florida with Peter. I've been before and loved it, but having Peter there would be a whole other level of brilliance. Like me, he's a big kid at heart and we'd have so much fun and so many laughs. We're currently saving our pennies and will hopefully get there in the next five years, but we WILL get there!

*I know this is Paris, but I love the colour in the image *

If you could meet any blogger in person, who would you pick?
I'd love to have an international meet up with some of the amazing folk I've met, but I'd have to pick Crystal from The Happy Type. Crystal has been an amazing source of support, encouragement and inspiration. She has made my blogging (and fitness) journey so enjoyable. One of these days I will get to thank her in person and also go on a thrifting mission for vintage t shirts!

What's something we may not know about you?
So a few years ago I used to be a dressmaker's assistant and tutor. Yeah, me the unfashionable one! I wanted to learn how to sew so I booked myself on to a ten week course. After my first block I booked another more advanced one with the same teacher, but just after I started it I was asked if I wanted to become an assistant - yes was my answer!

During my time in the studio I helped to make suits, jackets, skirts, accessories and even wedding dresses. I also ended up teaching the class one night a week. It was a great experience and a whole load of fun. It also shows just how much life can take you down a path you never expected!


Well that was fun and thanks again to Laura and Erika for tagging me. Now it's my turn to tag folk:

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