23 April 2013

Man of Steel

When I was wee my Dad used to play various pieces of movie music and make me guess what it was - still does every now and then.

My musical taste stems directly from my parents. I took everything in as a kid, sitting in the back of the car or hearing what was on when Mum was working around the house. Film music was always there too. I remember loving tracks from The Untouchables, Out of Africa and Last of the Mohicans before ever seeing the movies and I felt oh so cool when I could spot a tune from a movie used on a trailer or advert - a bit sad, but it's the little things in life!

Anyway - to my point. Today I heard the first track form the new Superman movie, Man of Steel.
Although I've never really been a huge John Williams fan, I'm pretty attached to his Superman theme. So much so that I wasn't sure if it could ever be topped. In a way I guess it can't. It's so iconic and synonymous with Superman now that it's ingrained in everyones minds as The Superman tune.
Hans Zimmer's theme (if this is the theme) sounds really great! It's powerful, beautiful and, for lack of a better word epic.
The build up throughout is brilliant, I've listened to it at least 5 times already and I love it!!

This has really got me excited for the film. So far loving everything about it - the suit, Amy Adams as Lois, the effects look fantastic and (for a little nostalgia) Henry Cavill looks a tad like Christopher Reeve. Looking forward to see what he does with Supes!

Here's the newest trailer too if you haven't seen it.

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