16 June 2011

Rita Vectors & Jewellery Class

So I finished my Rita Hayworth portrait, yay! It was fun to finally get stuck in to some serious vectoring in Illustrator as I've wanted to do the portrait for ages, not too sure about the hair though, but practice makes perfect I guess.

I also designed a tee for my brothers birthday, he hasnt seen it yet, but I dont think he'll be reading this so I think its ok lol!

He's a musician with a love of old sounds and cassette tapes and was born in 87, hence the "Rare Mix '87". Hope he likes it!
Got a busy day ahead, already I've been working on a top secret gift for my Grandma, soon I'll have to leave for work and later I have a resin jewellery class. I'm pretty excited as I've wanted to use resin for a while and my own experiments failed miserably so I thought a little tutoring wouldn't go amiss.

My class is in The Life Craft in Glasgow. They do a load of different classes so if anyone is interested check the website.

I will blog soon to see how I got on :D
Thanks for reading

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